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Member Spotlight: An Interview with Dick Borchers of Richard M. Borchers P.C.

Some people find exactly what they want to do early in life and just stick with it. Others have the opportunity to experience a wealth of different career paths in their lives. One such person is Dick Borchers of Richard M. Borchers P.C.

Dick was born and raised in the Front Range area, went to school at CU- Boulder, and has an extremely well rounded background. We recently caught up with Dick Borchers to talk about his 17 year old business.

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About Richard M. Borchers P.C.

Hello I’m Dick Borchers, I’m president of Richard M. Borchers PC, a law firm that specializes in doing arbitrations and mediations, I’ve been in the mediation and arbitration business for a little over 17 and a half years. I presently office in Broomfield, Colorado, and during that period of time that I’ve been involved in mediations and arbitrations, I’ve probably done somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 cases over that period of time.

What’s the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration?

Arbitration is resolution short of going to court and is a binding process, where mediation is non-binding; where you try to get the parties together to resolve their dispute amicably and by compromise.
The mediator gets the parties in the same place and tries to resolve their differences and come up with a solution that, though each side may gripe about, allows each side to move on.
Arbitration is a contractual process to resolve disputes in lieu of and in place of going to court. More and more cases end up in arbitration. So the arbitrations deal with just one complaint, one problem.
In my arbitration and mediation business, I’ve done a number of cases outside of Colorado, so I’ve had experience in dealing with other systems, other legal systems in different states; I think that sets me apart.

Business Tips from Dick Borchers

  • Business Tip #1 – Get Online

You’ve got to have a good website in this day and age. You’ve got to.

  • Business Tip #2 – Electronic Newsletters

The other thing that I’ve found has been valuable for me is an electronic newsletter. I have almost 5,000 names and email addresses collected, and every 60-75 days I kick out a newsletter, and it brings some business.
I try to make it informative. For example, ‘What do you do if you need to mediate in a domestic relations case?’
A newsletter is relatively inexpensive and provides great distribution at a relatively modest cost. You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising, but if it doesn’t reach the target audience, then it doesn’t help you. I think the newsletter can be adapted to any business.

  • Business Tip #3 – Monitor Your Money

Be sure you monitor your money that’s being spent. Make sure that it’s giving you some benefit. Because you can eat up money [very quickly].

What has been your experience with Office Evolution?

When I came here and started using Office Evolution, I felt like it was small enough to be a small family, and this place has been run exactly that way. You guys do some things the other people don’t:

  • Drop-in Business Lounges:

The drop-in room, if I’m on the south side of town and I need to kill some time, I can just drop in, pull my computer out, get on the Wi-Fi, et cetera, it’s perfect.

  • Multiple Offices:

I wanted to have multiple offices/ locations where I can do my meditations without the cost of maintaining a full blown office, your competitors don’t do that.

  • Great People:

Managers have been outstanding, I can’t say that enough.
I’ve found that Office Evolution has been a good company to work with, and fair, and I’ve had no complaints whatsoever, I plan to stay. The locations good, the managers have been great, everything’s clean, mail is delivered promptly, phone answering is the best of any company I’ve ever dealt with. I mean I’m just patting you on the back, the phones are answered in a very professional way, and I like it that way.

For more information about Dick Borchers, visit his website at www.RBorchers.com.

For more information about Office Evolution and how we can help you get an office for your business, visit our website at https://www.officeevolution.com/fully-furnished-office-space or call 877-475-6300.