Telephone Answering Services in Broomfield: 6 Remarkable Studies

At Office Evolution® Broomfield, we know how quickly responsibilities pile up on small business owners. Small tasks, like screening and answering phone calls, can be major productivity killers. But as annoying as telephone reception duties can be, you can’t just stop answering incoming calls. That’s where a telephone answering service can provide big value to small businesses.

In the past, you could only delegate telephone reception duties by hiring a part-time or full-time receptionist. That simply wasn’t feasible for the majority of small businesses. Modern telephone answering companies have changed that. These companies provide offsite telephone reception by live agents at rates even one-person businesses can afford.

If you operate a small business in Broomfield, CO, a telephone answering service can be a great way to improve your productivity and profitability. In fact, a number of recent studies have shown how important phone reception services can be to small businesses. Here are six recent findings that demonstrate the value of these services.

Why Telephone Answering Services Matter

  1. US Small Businesses Are Plagued by Spam Callers. Robocalls and unwanted solicitations cost US small businesses every single year. Estimates reported by ZDNet peg the number near $500 million in lost productivity. A service to screen your incoming calls can offer time savings by stopping these calls before they ever get to you.
  2. Customers Want to Hear from Real People. If you’re comparing a telephone answering service against a virtual reception service, a 2016 study from HuffPost offers important data. In their study, 90% of consumers preferred live agents to automated systems.
  3. Callers Hang Up on Answering Machines. Without a dedicated receptionist, you probably rely on voicemail for the calls you can’t answer. But according to research by industry journal Telecompaper, 69% of calls to voicemail end without a message.
  4. Small Businesses Struggle to Answer the Phone. According to research by an online marketing company, small businesses fail to pick up on nearly two thirds of incoming calls. 38% of calls go to voicemail and 24% of calls get no answer at all.
  5. Patience for Hold Times Is Nearly Non-Existent. When software company Velaro asked how long consumers were willing to spend on hold, 28% said one minute or less, while 32% thought any time on hold was too long.
  6. Hold Times Are Twice as Long on Automated Systems. While technology normally makes things faster, there are times when it actually slows things down. Take hold times. According to research by Time magazine, hold times on virtual reception systems are 54% longer than on systems that rely on live receptionists.

Telephone Answering Company in Broomfield, CO

At Office Evolution Broomfield, we know that telephone answering services have a measurable impact on productivity and profitability. Small businesses and independent professionals in Broomfield rely on our live answering services to screen their calls, greet their clients, and optimize their workflow. The result? Our telephone answering services add two hours to each client’s average business week. Over a 50-week work year, that gives you 100 hours of added productivity.

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