The ROI of Shared Office Rentals in Broomfield

As with any other business expense, your workspace should deliver a positive return on investment. But if you’re an independent professional, a budding startup, or a small business owner in Broomfield CO, finding an affordable yet high-quality workspace might seem difficult. While this used to be the case, the increased popularity of shared office space has changed Broomfield’s workspace rental market.

Thanks to shared office communities like Office Evolution® Broomfield, high-quality workspace is now more affordable and more widely available to local professionals. Our low-cost coworking memberships and small office rentals, combined with features that increase productivity and performance, have made us a magnet for Broomfield’s most forward-thinking workers and small businesses.

Save Big with Shared Office Space Rentals in Broomfield

One chief benefit of joining a shared office community in the Broomfield area is the affordability of these spaces. If you’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or a startup with limited funds, a shared workspace membership will give you access to professional office space on a bootstrap budget.

If you’re an established small business or a successful independent contractor, a private office in a shared workplace will give you similar benefits. Shared workplaces split the costs of important office expenses — including utilities, furniture, front-desk reception, cleaning services, office equipment, and other features — among the community. Ultimately, this reduces the costs of these expenses for individual members.

Using Office Evolution Broomfield as an example, here’s a quick look at some of the ways our shared office model generates major savings:

  • Our coworking memberships start at $99/month, less than many freelancers spend on coffee working from corner cafes. Better yet, Office Evolution Broomfield offers unlimited free coffee.
  • We offer affordable professional memberships, which include professional services, $60 of meeting room time per month, and 24/7 access to Office Evolution workspaces nationwide.
  • Our private office rentals include all the above features, plus access to a fully furnished private workspace.
  • Coworking memberships and private office rentals at Office Evolution Broomfield are available on month-to-month or long-term agreements, giving you financial flexibility.

Productive & Innovative Workspace in Broomfield

Shared work environments are known best for their low-cost workspace solutions. But they’ve got much more to offer than affordability. In fact, many experts now believe that shared workspace environments are more functional and productive than traditional office environments. What’s more, they have the numbers to back it up. Studies have found that members of shared office communities near Broomfield are more satisfied in their jobs and have strong performance metrics than their peers.

This might be surprising to some, but if you visit Office Evolution Broomfield, it’s easy to see why it’s the case. For one thing, our coworking memberships and office rentals include features, services, and amenities that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive for freelancers and small businesses. More importantly, our space has a supportive dynamic and a community filled with varied perspectives and skillsets. Community members lean on each other, form innovative partnerships, and get the chance to network outside of their professional bubble.

Discover how low-cost, high-quality shared office rentals can boost your workspace ROI. Call (303) 447-6864 today to schedule a visit of Office Evolution Broomfield.

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