The Perks of an Executive Office in Burlington

At Office Evolution® Burlington MA, we know the importance of a great workspace. That’s especially true for small business owners, who need to make the most of every hour of every workday — something only possible when you have an office that works as hard as you do. It’s little surprise, then, that an increasing number of small business owners in Burlington are making the switch from traditional small office space to a new generation of executive office rentals.

Based out of coworking spaces like Office Evolution Burlington, these executive office suites offer the privacy and functionality of traditional office space, but with a range of unique perks and features. The results are ideally suited to modern small business owners, helping them become more productive, more profitable, and more competitive.

Demand Rising for Executive Office Suites

Running a small business means coping with small business limitations. Unlike the CEO of a larger company, you don’t have your own receptionist. Your office isn’t big enough to accommodate large meetings with clients or investors. When you need bulk printing or copying, you have to interrupt your workday for a trip to the local print shop.

Modern executive office suites, like those at Office Evolution Burlington, break down these barriers. Instead of limiting your business, an executive office rental can help you maximize your personal productivity and make it easier for you to attract new business.

Because these offices are based in coworking spaces, small business owners can distribute the costs for features that would otherwise be unaffordable. By renting an executive office in coworking space, you get a dedicated, private office, as you would with a traditional office rental. But you also gain access to shared services, equipment, and spaces that other office rentals are unable to offer.

For example, here are some of the core features that come with an executive office rental at Office Evolution Burlington:

  • Fully furnished, ergonomically designed office space.
  • Inclusive utilities, including high-speed ethernet and secure Wi-Fi.
  • Access to community office equipment and kitchen.
  • Professional service plan, including phone reception and mail management.
  • Meeting room access and use of professional meeting equipment.
  • Free coffee and tea throughout the workday.

Our executive office rentals have made us a magnet for Burlington’s most forward-thinking small business owners, attracting solopreneurs, startups, and growing businesses from throughout the Boston MetroWest area. At our coworking space, you’ll find thriving small businesses from communities like Lexington, Bedford, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, and Wilmington.

See the benefits of our executive office rentals in action. Visit Office Evolution Burlington today or call us at (781) 222-8075 to learn more about our coworking community and our office rentals.