Flexible & Functional Office Space for Rent in Clark

At Office Evolution® Westfield-Cranford-Clark, we’ve introduced a new type of office space for rent in Clark, NJ. But if you’re looking for an office in Union County, most of your options are still traditional office space. That means renting a basic, unfurnished workspace — typically on a multi-year lease.

This type of office rental made sense for most small business owners ten or twenty years ago. But not so much anymore. With the rise of serviced office space, entrepreneurs expect more functionality from their workplace. And in an economy that rewards agility and adaptivity, you need more flexibility when renting an office.

You’ll find both of these qualities on full display at our business center. We’re helping redefine office space for rent in Clark, Westfield, and Cranford, providing next-level workspace functionality and rental flexibility.

Innovative Office Space for Rent in Clark, NJ

At Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark, we offer what’s known as shared office space.

Despite the name, this doesn’t mean you need to share an office. In fact, we’re a leading source for private, small office space for rent in Clark and Union County. But each of these offices is situated in a larger, shared workplace. This offers a number of benefits to our members, including…

Flexible Rental Agreements

Shared offices aren’t dependent on a single tenant for income. This allows for more freedom on rental agreements, including short-term and flexible leases.

At our business center, you can rent office space in Clark on an annual lease or a flexible month-to-month agreement. This makes us an ideal location for short-term projects, startup launches, or for businesses who don’t want the commitment of a multi-year lease.

Furnished & Serviced Offices

Normally, office space for rent in Clark comes unfurnished and unserviced. You need to outfit your workspace yourself. You need to coordinate basic utilities. And if you want executive services like a live phone answering plan, you need to find a third-party vendor.

But at Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark, you’ll enjoy a professionally furnished workspace, inclusive utilities, and a suite of professional services, including our phone answering and business address plans.

Professional Community & Amenities

We’ve already covered how our shared office model gives you more flexibility and a more functional office. And we haven’t even covered the shared resources and amenities we provide as a shared workplace.

By working at our business center, you’ll enjoy discounts on meeting room rentals, 24/7 access to our coworking space, unlimited gourmet coffee and tea, and more! Plus, you’ll be working side by side with some of the most ambitious professionals from Clark, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Cranford, and the rest of Union County.

Learn more about new types of office space for rent in Clark, NJ by calling Office Evolution Westfield-Cranford-Clark today at (908) 356-5300!

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