Office Evolution is Coming to Herndon!

Herndon Office Space for Rent

Herndon is a unique place that blends the characteristics of a diverse and highly educated military background of the Virginia and Washington, D.C. region.

Resources for Local Herndon Businesses

Office Evolution Herndon will be providing numerous business resources to enable ambitious small business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their potential.

Private Office Space for Rent in Herndon

Our private office spaces are the perfect option for businesses looking to continuously expand. Renting a workspace at Office Evolution Herndon will give you the freedom to expand and downsize as needed, without the concern of being restricted by a long-term lease.

Our offices will provide you access to advantages such as:

  • Internet access

  • Furniture designed for supporting productivity

  • Complimentary beverages for guests and members

  • Printing, copying and scanning available to members

  • Discounted meeting spaces and conference rooms

  • A live phone answering service

  • A secure and personal business mailing address

  • Access to all Office Evolution business centers at any time of day

  • A surrounding professional environment

Professional Telephone Answering Service Available Now

While we search around for your perfect office space, start building your reputation by providing impressive customer service. Our live phone answering service consists of a consistent and effective answering process:

Professionally Greet Customers

Every caller will hear a welcoming voice at the end of the line — there to help answer their questions and point them in the right direction.

Quality Over Quantity

Our live phone answering service will determine what callers are a quality match for your business and who is not the right fit, helping you limit time spent on the phone.

Send Promising Conversations Your Way

Finally, our professional phone answering service will forward callers who qualify as prospective customers over to you.


Call 877-475-6300 to rent a live phone answering service and request a tour of our brand new office space location.