Rent Mailbox Space in Jacksonville for Your Small Business

If you’re starting a small business in Jacksonville FL, you’re probably starting that business at home. Modern technologies have made home-based businesses more convenient and cost-effective than ever before. But cloud computing and smartphones haven’t solved one of the most pressing issues for home business owners: whether to use your home address or rent mailbox space for your business in Jacksonville.

At Office Evolution® Jacksonville, we know how significant this issue can be for some entrepreneurs. Whether to rent a mailbox or use your home mailing address has implications in a range of different areas, including your personal privacy, the security of your communications, how you market yourself online, and the way that clients perceive your business.

To help you find out if a private mailbox rental is the right choice for your small business, here’s a closer look at how you and your business could benefit with a private mailbox rental. Plus, we’ll show you why so many small business owners are choosing to rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Jacksonville.

Why Rent a Mailbox for Your Business?

Small business owners rent mailbox units for a number of reasons. Here’s a closer look at how some of these benefits, and others, work for small business owners who rent mailbox units through Office Evolution Jacksonville…

  • Convenience. If you handle large volumes of mail or frequently receive business parcels, business mail services can go a long way toward a cleaner, more efficient workflow. We can even sign for your packages and place them in a secured location. At Office Evolution Jacksonville, we offer parcel reception services and make it easy to streamline your mail communications.
  • Privacy. You can undermine your privacy in a hurry if you use your home address for business purposes. By renting a business mailbox, you’ll have a separate, dedicated address that you can use instead, keeping your residential address secret.
  • Marketing. Marketing and online marketing in particular can be a challenge if you’re running a home business, since some websites will put restrictions in place if you use a residential address or a P.O. box. A business mailbox will provide you with a proper business address for these sites. You will actually have a real street address that will be easily searchable.
  • Branding. While home businesses are more common than ever before, some people still underestimate companies that use a home address. To solve this problem, many business owners will use a business address service to operate a virtual office, which appears like any other office-based business.
  • Affordability. Renting a business mailbox can help you keep operational costs low, as many mailbox rentals are available at small-budget-friendly pricing. At Office Evolution Jacksonville, we also offer the option of month-to-month agreements, making it easy to find the right rental plan for your business.
  • Bundled Services. When small business owners rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Jacksonville, they have the opportunity to get a professional services bundle. This way, you can enjoy discounts or savings on features like day office rentals, conference room rentals, co-working space access, and live phone answering services.

Private mailbox rentals at our Jacksonville FL location are an ideal choice for small business owners based in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, including Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, St. Johns Town Center, Southside and Southpoint.

For more information on how to rent mailbox units in Jacksonville, call us today at 904-512-7393!

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