Work From Home and Still Be Productive

Office Evolution | October 2nd, 2015

Work from Home Like this professional

With a little planning and forethought you can work from home, stay on task and increase your productivity. Below are five simple tips to make working out of your home less stressful.

1. Keep a Separate Office Space

The biggest challenge for those who work from home is being able to make that mental switch from home time to work time. When you work in a traditional office your brain easily makes this conversion, but it is not always easy to do when you work from home.

One way you can address this issue by having a separate and dedicated workspace that is fully equipped with everything essential to running your business. But, if having a separate space for a home office is not feasible, you still have options.

A virtual office space is a great option for those who are limited on space or who only occasionally need a traditional office space. With benefits like front desk a receptionist to greet your guests, and phone answering and mail delivery services, a virtual office can offer flexibility without sacrificing your independence.

2. Take Advantage of Alone Time

When you work from home you have the advantage of not being sidetracked by your co-workers, so make the most of your time alone by creating a schedule. Your schedule should be similar to the one you had when working in a traditional office environment.

By setting designated hours, you are bringing discipline and organization to your routine. When you set your hours, always plan to do your most important projects during the time of day when your energy and productivity are at their peak.

3. Keep Busy

For those who work from home it can feel like your work is never done. Even if you are caught up on your projects you can always find something to do. You could be working on content marketing ideas, following up on leads, or looking for ways to promote your services.

When you work remotely you need to effectively utilize your time each day. Finding ways to fill your time, even when business is slow, will help you to stay productive on the busiest days.

4. Don’t Isolate Yourself

Being alone and sitting in front a computer all day is enough to drive anyone crazy. Isolating yourself doesn’t benefit anyone—we all need time to connect with others. If you miss interacting with your colleagues, a co-working space may be a good alternative.

Shared workstations often provide the flexibility of a virtual office with the benefits of a traditional office space. Having that social interaction can help boost your creativity.

5. Take a Break

If you start to feel overwhelmed, it is actually beneficial to take a break. Stress is one of the leading causes of decreased productivity in the workplace; so if you need a minute to relax, go for it.

It is important to take breaks throughout your day. Going for a walk, picking up your dry cleaning, or grabbing lunch outside the house are instant ways to recover and reenergize when you work from home and will help ease tension and leave you more productive when you get back to work.