Rent Office Space in Crabtree Valley: Tips for Choosing a Workspace

Looking to rent office space in Crabtree Valley? With its proximity to downtown Raleigh and its existing business community, Crabtree Valley has a lot to offer small businesses. That has a downside, since it means you’ll have competition if you want to rent office space nearby. But if you know what to look for and where to start your search, you should have no trouble finding a great workspace.

At Office Evolution Raleigh, we know your workspace has a huge impact on your work and your business. Choosing an office is no small task, and it’s a decision that you want to get right.

To help, here are four tips from our team on how to rent the right workspace in Crabtree Valley.

How to Find the Right Office in Crabtree Valley

1. Find a Workspace Where You Can Thrive. At our business center, we offer fully furnished and outfitted offices for rent. One advantage of this model is that it ensures an ergonomic and focus-friendly space, with everything our members need to perform at their best. If you’re renting an unfurnished office, you’ll need an office where you can create a similar space.

2. Consider Features Outside the Office. Another advantage of the shared office model is that it gives you access to shared resources. For example, each office at our location includes a phone answering and business address plan, discounts on meeting room rentals, and access to shared spaces like our business lounge and office kitchen.

3. Look for Opportunities to Network. A great workspace should give you plenty of opportunities to network by putting you next door to other small businesses. In a shared office or an office complex with a strong existing community, it’s easy to branch out and make new connections.

4. Find an Agreement That Makes Sense. Commercial leases aren’t always favorable to small businesses in the Crabtree Valley area. The good news is that it’s becoming easier to rent office space on flexible terms. At our location, many of our members choose to rent month-to-month or on mid-length agreements.

Rent Office Space at Office Evolution Raleigh!

If you need a private office in Crabtree Valley, there’s no better place to start your search than Office Evolution Raleigh. Our location offers 26 private offices and 3 micro-offices for rent in one of metro Raleigh’s most dynamic shared workspaces. To get started, simply give us a call and book a tour of our workspace!

Rent office space in Crabtree Valley by calling Office Evolution Raleigh at (919) 390-0330!

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