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Carol Ward

May 24, 2022

My clients and I loved the experience we had at Office Evolution from start to finish. Tina is AWESOME! She made it easy to do business with OE and made us all feel welcome. I’m coming back next time I’m in town. Plus, I’m recommending OE to others!

Beth Guide

Apr 09, 2022

This is a great co working space. We have an office there and the place is great.

David Worthman

Mar 05, 2022

Belisia Brandley

Sep 22, 2021

I have been a member at OE for a little over a year now. Words can’t explain how helpful the team ( Phil & Tina) has been a big help to my company. To label these guys selfless would be an understatement. They have heart of dedication that they give to their tenants and visiting members. If you thought about it…….. don’t think any longer. This is the place to start or to transition your business to this location.
My business have grown due to the location. They keep it clean with a bonus of having in-house cleaning service. Any other issues, Tina is like “Superwoman” to the rescue. She’s amazing! Do not second guess this amazing location with an amazing team who’s big on asst you with business growth.

Blaine Oelschlegel

Aug 27, 2021

A nice, clean, quiet spot to get work done or conduct a meeting! Love having OE available nearby and will definitely be using it again!

Mika Carter

Aug 27, 2021

Love Tina and the management, as well as the members! Ample amenities and functional space.

Ben White

Aug 19, 2021

Been here for a couple of months. This place is great! Tina is always here to help with things, and Phil is always running around making things better! Hope to be here for a good long while.

Shana Klank

Aug 18, 2021

I am enjoying it here even after a few days.

Understandable Solutions

Aug 17, 2021

I just recently started using Office Evolution in Conroe and I have been extremely pleased. Staff is very professional, helpful and will respond in a timely manner to questions and requests. Additionally, I have been using the podcast studio and have found the sound to be top notch. I plan on using Office Evolution more in the future.

Matt A

Aug 05, 2021

I’ve used this workspace for the past couple of years and can’t say enough about the staff and how dedicated they are to creating a clean and productive work environment. Great community!

Jordan Contreras

Jun 23, 2021

I highly recommend Office Evolution, especially if your like myself and get tired of working from home all the time. Sometimes a change of scenery does your mind some good. Office Evolution is the place to be, first to talk about location. They are surrounded by great restaurants/coffee places so if you need to take a brain break you don’t have to go far. Or if your to busy to step away and need coffee/ tea etc. they offer all of that to you in their common areas. Secondly, the space itself. They have a variety of different options if you need a conference room, a private office, or just need a desk in an open area. Whatever it may be they have the option. Thirdly- another important one for me- internet. My job requires me to be connected to the internet 24/7, and I have to be on the phone that is used through my computer. Their internet was easy to login to, and stayed connected the whole time. Actually better service than what I experience at my house. Fourthly- the staff. Tina and Philip were so accommodating with helping me find the right space that fits my needs. Lastly- pricing. Probably what most people are concerned about. Office Evolution is extremely affordable. They offer long term plans, short term plans, day-to-day plans, hour by hour plans, punch card plans etc. You name it they will work with you. If your at all considering/curious about an office space outside of your house I highly recommend stopping by and taking a tour. You are able to stay relaxed while being in a professional environment.
Check out Office Evolution! Even if your just curious, I bet you’ll end up wanting to stay and try it out! Or you’ll be like me and ready to sign up for a membership!

Jo Smith

Jun 22, 2021

I called Office Evolution looking for a small meeting room for a 1/2 day meeting. Tina answered the phone and quickly answered all my questions and assured me that she had the perfect room for our team including a window! She made the booking process so easy, with no advance deposit needed and up to 48 hours to cancel! With all the amenities offered and the great customer service I am confident that the team will have a fun and productive meeting.

Thank you Tina ~

David Turnage

Apr 29, 2021

Tina was great along with everything else.

Angela S

Apr 23, 2021

I have known Phil for years and not only is he one of the amazing people , he always wants to help others. That’s exactly what OE does and in a professional, amazingly beautiful and spacious way. I have been there for meetings and mini seminars and am never astonished at how clean it is as well. If you’re tired of the dogs barking thru Zoom , the kids bugging you day in and day out or just need some quiet, try it out!

Roy Hartstein

Mar 18, 2021

Whether you need a conference room for an important business meeting or office space for your business, Office Evolution at Woodland Square is a great choice. My small team needed a conference room for a day. Office Evolution worked perfectly. We were comfortable and productive. The office manager was friendly and very helpful.

Michael Martin

Feb 24, 2021

Philip Anderson

Feb 08, 2021

Michell Bradie

Feb 02, 2021

They hosted our Chamber meeting and the space was very conducive to networking. It was very clean, and everyone was very friendly, helpful, and professional. It was a very nice setting.

Ariel Tirey

Nov 29, 2020

william duvall

Sep 09, 2020

Dan Dykes

Aug 21, 2020

Nice working environment, the staff is super helpful!

Kathleen Buckland

Aug 19, 2020

Excellent space for your office needs and fantastic service!

Shauna Martin

Jul 13, 2020

I just want to say that Tina goes above and beyond in customer service. Made me feel like family, answered all my questions and concerns, and made the on-boarding process seamless. On top of that a great price for a great service. Definitely glad I called around and found this place! My new virtual office is secured and I’m looking forward to being a part of the community! I highly recommend

Debby Dykes

May 20, 2020

I love having the convenience and amenities of a private office!

Marquis Mitchell

May 12, 2020

I love the service at Office Evolution. Every time I go in the staff is accommodating and always willing to help. I hold a lot of sales meetings in the conference room and also hold interviews for new hires, when my applicants come in Tina comes and lets me know so that i can wrap up the one I’m with. I highly recommend this place highly!

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