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  • We Don't Just Sell Office Space, We Sell Success!

    Starting a small business can be daunting!  Licenses, permits, and corporate attorneys are just some of the hurdles you will face, and this is before you even open your doors.  Then there is the question of whether to commit to a long term lease or start off smaller?  Should you even purchase furnishings or just rent?  With these two items taking such a large chunk out of your investments, furnished office spaces can be a great alternative to the traditional office.


  • Shared Office Coworking in Bergen County, NJ

    Find the Ideal Office Space in Bergen County, NJ for Your Growing Business

    It's an all too common dilemma: your business needs more space than you have. Many great ideas start life in the home office or local coffee shop, and that works well, for a while. However, any business with ambitions to grow usually reaches a point where they need more space. This can be both good and bad. It's good because it shows your business is growing. It's bad because you begin to fear the dreaded office lease with its long-term commitments and costly overheads.


    Work Space in Tysons Corner is Shrinking

    If you looked at the average work space in Tysons Corner in the 70’s, computers, monitors and printers took up a huge amount of space in a modern day office.  Everyone kept their data backed up in very large filing cabinets.  The higher on the totem pole you got, the bigger the office you were granted.  All this took up a lot of room, leaving not a lot of space for people, let alone niceties such as plants.  


  • Short-Term Office Rental in Bergen County, New Jersey

    Come Visit Your New Office

    Check out this tour Office Evolution Hackensack to see what is like having a private office in a coworking shared office center in the heart of Bergen County. The office is furnished, fully equipped and membership is month-to-month. 

  • Short-Term Office Rental in Bergen County, New Jersey

    Short-Term Office Rentals in Bergen County, NJ

    Anyone who commits to a traditional office lease is stuck with it, whether they need all the space or not. There may also be times when a business wants more space but it isn’t available. Then there are the costly overheads like internet, furniture, maintenance and staffing, etc. These are all heavy, usually long-term commitments. They often lock companies and independent professionals into a stuffy, inflexible way of operating a business.

  • 5 Things Your Office Needs To Prepare You For The Future

    The office atmosphere used to have a steady position in the marketplace with basic typing and filing skills necessary in nearly every field. As technology has improved, however, each office now has some unique features that make them stand out from other companies. In fact, these features and perks will often prepare you for the future as careers ebb and flow. Take a close look at the top five things that your office needs to prepare employees for the road forward.