Office Evolution Finalist: 100 Colorado Companies to Watch

Colorado Companies to WatchOffice Evolution ranked in the Top 100 Colorado Companies to Watch, making us a finalist for the Top 50 Colorado Companies to Watch award!

Every year, about 1,000 local companies are nominated for the Colorado Companies to Watch award. Nominees are narrowed down to the Top 100 and the finalists are invited to the Governor’s Mansion to celebrate. The judges will then choose the Top 50 winners and announce them later this month.

Last week, the Top 100 Finalist Reception was held at the Governor’s Mansion and Emily Romero, Office Evolution Franchise Development Manager attended!

“I had the honor in representing Office Evolution at the finalist reception, recognizing Colorado’s entrepreneurial community and companies fueling our state’s economic growth,” said Romero.

About Colorado Companies to Watch

Colorado Companies to Watch works to empower second stage companies that fuel the economic fire in Colorado. They are a statewide awards program that want to recognize the entrepreneurial community in Colorado that’s been built from scratch. The reason they exist is to offer recognition, support and build a community for the entrepreneurs of Colorado.

Why Office Evolution RankedCCTW

“What sets us apart from other Colorado companies is our commitment to represent those who try, those who believe in their own talents, those who dream of a better life, those who say, ‘I can do this!’,” said Mark Hemmeter, Office Evolution Founder and CEO. “We are committed to serving Colorado business owners and to providing them with a place to do their thing.”

Office Evolution was the only company in the coworking industry nominated as a finalist for the award. We made it into the running because we’ve sustained economic growth in Colorado over time. Our roots are deeply connected within the Colorado community since we opened our first location in Boulder back in 2003. We just celebrated our 16th birthday this month and now have 13 Office Evolution locations open throughout the Front Range and 62 nationwide.

About Office Evolution

The Office Evolution mission is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams through shared workspace and coworking. We’re making a difference in our community and in the industry by continuously focusing on people first. We’re all about the Ohana culture at our company, which is why we invest so much into our franchisees and members.

If you’re interested in becoming an Office Evolution franchise owner, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us at