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3 Ways to Beat the Work-From-Home Blues

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or simply have a job where you can choose where to work, the chance to work from home can seem like a dream come true. But working from home can have its drawbacks. In fact, many of the coworkers at Office Evolution® chose our co-working space after discovering that working from home wasn’t for them.

If working from home is getting you down, it might be time for a change. That might mean switching up your home office, expanding your social life outside work, or making the switch to a co-working space like Office Evolution.

1. Create a Better Workspace

A lot of people underestimate how big of a difference changes to their workspace can make in their mood and productivity. Residents who work from home have plenty of control over their work environment and should take full advantage of the chance to improve their workspace. Consider moving your office to a room with more natural light, reorganizing your workspace to make it more functional and ergonomic, or adding a few house plants for mood-boosting greenery.

2. See More People Outside of Work

Once you’ve spent a few weeks working from home, a sense of isolation and loneliness can start to creep in. After all, working from home means it’s just you and your job (and perhaps a pet or two, if you’re lucky). Eventually, most people start to miss the human contact that comes with working in an office. So, if you are starting to feel cabin fever creeping in, consider opening up your non-work hours to more social activities. Join a book club, make weekly lunch dates with friends, make an effort to attend more local events and activities, or join a shared workspace from Office Evolution.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

No matter how many adjustments you make, working from home simply isn’t for everyone. That’s where co-working spaces like Office Evolution come in. A shared workspace can give you the environment you need to be productive, but without the distractions and isolation that can come with working from home. What’s more, co-working at Office Evolution also comes with added perks, including:

  • Complimentary wireless internet
  • Staffed reception
  • Access to meeting spaces and equipment
  • Access to a full shower so you can get out and run or bike during your workday

Beat the work-from-home blues by taking advantage of the shared workspace at Office Evolution! Find a location near you to learn more about our co-working space.