5 Must Haves For Your Private Office from AMAZON!

Amazon has had 5 billion dollars in profit during this year’s COVID-19 spike making up about 15% of the online retail market. This is no surprise to anyone because amazon prime is the best thing since sliced bread. Now that everyone has been sent to work from home, it might be a good idea to have some essentials in your private office other than the basics from Amazon. Below are 5 must haves from Amazon that we believe you should have in your office. Click on the links posted to order yours!

  1. A mini vacuum for those days that you eat lunch at your desk.
    1. This vacuum will clean up all the crumbs from your desk so nobody will ever know you snuck in a snack before lunch. Many people have suggested buying multiple for not only your office but for your car as well!
    2. Mini Vacuum on Amazon

Mini Vaccumn-1

  1. A non-slip mouse pad
    1. This mouse pad is not like your ordinary mouse pad that slips and slides all over the place. This mouse pad stays in place all day long. One customer review said his mouse pad lasted two years and would have lasted longer if he did not spill coffee all over his desk. Purchase yours today to see what all 9,000 positive reviews are raving about.
    2. Non-Slip Mouse Pad on Amazon

Non slip mouse pad-1

  1. An essential oil diffuser
    1. This is absolutely my favorite must have and highly recommend to everyone. Essential oils have so many benefits, such as diffusing peppermint to keep you focused or lavender to decrease stress levels.
    2. Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon

essential oil diffuser-1

  1. A foot rest
    1. This must have is one that most people forget about. A foot rest can help prevent back problems later on in the future. Back problems account for about 264 million lost days in one year. This must have is beyond worth it!
    2. Foot Rest on Amazon

Foot rest-1

  1. Standing desk converter
    1. Most people look forward to lunch so they can walk around and stretch their legs. Well, problem solved. This sit/stand desk allows you to raise your computer up and down so you can choose to stand or sit throughout the workday.
    2. Sit / Stand Desk on Amazon

sitstand converter-1

All these products are items that most people do not think of off the top of their head but are especially useful. Let us know if you have used these products or plan to buy one in the future. We look forward to hearing your reviews!


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