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6 Reasons to Choose Telephone Answering Service

Operating a small business can be hectic. No one knows that better than the team at Office Evolution. But we also know that smart choices can make a small business owner’s life more manageable. Take telephone answering services. Most small business owners struggle with phone management, but few can afford to hire a dedicated receptionist. Remote receptionist services are an affordable alternative, priced low enough for one-person companies and independent professionals.

Small business owners are increasingly turning to local telephone answering companies for help with telephone reception. They aren’t the only ones who’ve taken notice of these services. Major news organizations and businesses have been analyzing why these services are so popular and so effective for small business owners.

Here are some of the reasons why live telephone answering services are proving popular with small business owners across the country.

Why Telephone Answering Services Matter

  • Screening for Spam Calls. A remote receptionist can screen incoming calls to make sure your workday isn’t disrupted by a robocall or an unsolicited sales pitch. That’s a big deal for small businesses, who lose $500 million a year in productivity to spam phone calls.
  • Greeting Customers and Clients. Live answering services are often contrasted with virtual receptionists, which use cheaper automated systems to greet callers. Research has shown that virtual reception is unpopular with consumers, 90% of whom prefer live answering.
  • Improving Customer Service. Customers don’t just prefer to be greeted by live receptionists, they also find them more helpful. A survey of customer service calls found that only 10% of all calls to virtual receptionists resulted in satisfied callers.
  • Preventing Missed Calls. On average, small businesses fail to pick up on more than 60% of all incoming calls. With live reception services, your clients are greeted by a real person on every phone call, no matter how busy you happen to be.
  • Reducing Wait Times. Nobody wants to be on hold for more than a few seconds. Direct comparisons of live answering vs. virtual reception systems have found that hold times are cut by more than 50% when phones are managed by live agents.
  • Added Productivity. The more hours you can spend on earnings and growth, the better. Remote receptionist services from Office Evolution typically open up two hours in the workweek — an additional 100 hours over the course of a year.

Live Telephone Reception

Telephone answering services from Office Evolution are the perfect choice for small businesses. Our telephone reception plans include options for live answering and remote receptionist services, making it easy to find the right service plan for you. Whether you’re a small business owner or an independent professional, our telephone reception services can help minimize distractions, optimize productivity, and better serve your customers.

Contact Office Evolution today to learn more about telephone answering services.

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