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6 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist

If you regularly deal with large call volumes, it might feel like you’re fighting a losing battle against your phone. On the one hand, your phone is a critical business tool. Yet with all your other responsibilities, it’s a struggle keeping up with incoming calls and voicemails. At Office Evolution®, we know how difficult this can be. Our suggestion? Try a virtual receptionist.

Virtual answering services — which offer the benefits of a personal receptionist at a much smaller price point — are becoming more and more popular. Given the benefits offered by these services, demand is especially strong among freelancers, small business owners, and professionals in fields like sales and account management.

Unsure if a virtual receptionist is a right fit for your needs? Below, we take a look at six key benefits of a live answering plan at Office Evolution.

Professional Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

  1. Save Big on Telephone Answering. After taking HR costs into account, a full-time receptionist would cost you nearly $3,000 a month. Compare that to a virtual answering service, which can cost as little as $150 a month: roughly 5% of the cost of an in-house receptionist.
  2. End Straight-to-Voicemail Calls. When customers call your business, they’re hoping to hear from a person, not a record. Live answering services have agents available 24/7, ensuring every caller to your business speaks with a real person.
  3. Boost Leads and Conversions. According to experts, your phone is one of your most powerful tools for increasing leads and conversions. With a live receptionist service, you can adopt a more efficient approach to incoming and outgoing phone traffic, helping you develop a more effective sales strategy.
  4. Reduce Unwanted Distractions. When you’re locked in on an important task, a call from a telemarketer or a wrong number can easily derail your focus. A virtual receptionist plan that includes call screening services can put an end to these unwanted distractions, which can be serious drains on productivity.
  5. Operate a Virtual Office. At Office Evolution, our virtual receptionist services are particularly popular with professionals who operate out of virtual offices. Many choose our Professional Plan Plus package, which includes a live answering plan, a business address plan, 24/7 access to our coworking space, and a range of additional professional amenities.
  6. Spend More Time on Priority Tasks. A live answering service should deliver a measurable impact on productivity. Professionals can save 2+ hours a week with a basic virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution, with even bigger savings available on our upgraded plans.

Sign up for a virtual receptionist plan or learn more about our phone answering services by contacting Office Evolution today!

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