Picture of Mandy a Business Center Manager

A Day in the Life of a BCM

To start with you may wonder what a BCM is. Well, a BCM is me, Mandy. I am a Business Center Manager or BCM for short. Basically, what I do is I oversee/facilitate anything that happens at my Office Evolution location!

From welcoming your guest and signing them in all the way to finding the right private office for new members. From coworking to conference rooms, I am here with you through it all to make sure you never feel overwhelmed in your experience here!

We have many members and guests that will come up to the front desk with various questions and my job is to have or find an answer for them and so no two days are the same here! I have hosted a large local market down to creating a professional and productive space for you to have one on one meetings.

As you can guess, no two days are the same here. Every day has new celebrations and challenges. For example, I start each morning by coming in and setting up all our conference rooms, and flex offices (part-time offices) and wiping down our coworking area. Then I will head to the community kitchen unload the dishwasher and make sure the coffee machine is ready for everyone. While in the community I will clean out the fridge, make sure dishes are put away and that the sink is clean, basically make sure that the kitchen is ready for a new day!

After that, I will head back to the lobby/front desk area and begin working on my emails, calls, and guest that may be arriving that morning. I get to call all of those looking for Private offices, or executive suites, schedule tours, and conference rooms, and help potential new members find what they are looking for.

Another aspect of my job is marketing! I get to create and post on all our social media platforms, respond to messages and comments as well as engage with the local community on social media! Office Evolution strives to partner with local businesses and helps connect problems with solutions!

Overall, a BCM is a team that any business wants to have so they can focus on what they do! I work on tech, admin, marketing and so much more! Small businesses can thrive here and a big part of that is that it is your dream and our team!