A/C Out? Leverage Private Workspaces to Keep Your Cool This Summer

People who work from home have it made — most of the time, at least. There’s a fridge within arm’s reach, your own private bathroom, and no nerve-rattling commute twice a day. However, one thing that many freelancers and solopreneurs don’t think about when they set up shop at home is what happens when a convenience you rely on quits working. 

A toilet gets clogged. The internet goes out. In the summer, the worst-case scenario is that your A/C dies. None of these mini-disasters is conducive to productivity, and trying to fix them while on the clock can quickly kill the day’s profits. 

Instead, consider the advantages of working in temporary office space.

One Fee, Infinite Potential

One of the biggest advantages of working in a shared space is the ability to pay a flat fee and get everything you need to take care of business. With no long-term contracts holding you back, you can get on-demand office access and only pay for what you need to keep your budget under control. 

Here’s a quick look at what’s included in the price: 


Forget about a faulty A/C unit! You can soak up all the cool air you want and not spend a penny more for it. All utilities, including internet, are built into your fee, and you’ll never see a separate bill — even on the hottest summer days!

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Even in a temporary office space, you can find all the conveniences of home, including a refrigerator to store your lunch and snacks. You may also find complimentary tea and coffee to keep you fueled through your day.

Printer Access

When you work from home, you have to buy the printer, ink or toner, and paper, and pay for any maintenance. When something goes wrong, that cost also falls to you. Instead, you can take advantage of printer access in your temporary office space and pay only for what you use.

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Private office spaces come pre-furnished with high-quality, comfortable furniture. If you’re still using that old desk chair you found at a yard sale ten years ago, your body will certainly appreciate the difference.

When Does Temporary Office Space Make Sense?

Though working from a home office has its benefits, a temporary office can make sense, too! Businesses that thrive on networking, need to meet with clients face to face, or simply want to escape the distractions and malfunctions at home may find that private office space is the perfect alternative.

For a low, fixed cost, it gives businesses a better handle on their finances as they scale and grow, and pay only for what they really need along the way. You’ll also be in close proximity to other business owners that may be able to benefit from what you offer!

Find a new place for your business to call home, even if it’s only once in a while; when you really need an escape from the home office, you’ll be glad you did your homework early.

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