Franchise Spotlight: Brand Expander Andy Bean

Office Evolution Andy

As a lover of fishing and golfing, Andy Bean describes himself as a pretty normal guy. However, he modestly forgot to mention how his entrepreneurial spirit lead to his success as a multi-unit franchisee. Find out how Andy expanded his brand in Georgia and currently operates two Office Evolution franchises.

Tell me a little about your background?

I have about 10 years of construction experience and three years of insurance underwriting experience. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. About four years ago, I moved down to Georgia for a job.

Why did you decide to open an Office Evolution franchise?

At the time it made a lot of sense. I wanted to get on board with an emerging brand to grow with it – the coworking concept wasn’t as huge of a deal as it is today. Also, the way that traditional real estate transactions are done is not necessary for most companies. It is a long process that requires guarantees or large security deposits that most small companies can’t take on.

Tell us a little about your Business Center Managers

Through an interview process, I was able to find Kris Groover and Samara Johnson for my offices in Alpharetta and Dunwoody, GA. They are very detail oriented and I like people that are a little different from myself to make up for what I lack.

Tell us a little about your members

Office Evolution Alpharettta

Our member base is comprised of mainly small business owners who are in various occupations. They seem to spend a considerable amount of time in the office working on their business. We are happy to give them a professional space where they can concentrate and get all of their important work completed.

What makes your locations unique?

My locations include free parking, walking distance to amenities, all-inclusive pricing, and they’re locally owned and operated. I also like to drop into both locations and be a part of the office community.

How were you able to see success?

Never give up and always be open minded to new things. You don’t always know the right answer and it’s nice to talk to people that can help you find a solution to a problem you’re having.

Advice for future Office Evolution franchise owners?

Hire a great Business Center Manager and empower them.

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