Business Center Manager Spotlight: Scott Drake

Are you a dreamer, risk-taker, or doer?

I’m a task list executioner, and I live to check boxes— so I’m definitely a doer!

What do you enjoy most about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs?

In the past, I’ve had employment situations where I felt like I had to choose between my job and the moral or ethical highroad. Those jobs were never the right fit for me. I don’t have any concerns like that at Office Evolution, and it is such a relief. I don’t have to hide behind any curtains and can be proud of the services we provide and what we charge for those services.

How many members (businesses) do your support in your location?

Our location in Fishers, IN is new— We launched only a few weeks before the pandemic, so we don’t have as many as we’d like. But, we gained six new members just this week!

What is just one thing you do that adds value to the members’ experience?

Engagement and reliability. I’m kind, approachable, and warm, and I know sometimes our members need some water cooler talk. But, since they are one-man-bands, and I’m the only cat at the water cooler, I’m happy to be there for them! All arrogance aside, if our members mention something that they feel needs to be addressed, they can count on me to follow through. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get the answer they desire, but they can trust that they won’t be blown off, and I’ll do the best I can to serve their needs.

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