Celebrating Women in Business: Three Inspiring Stories

The business world is witnessing a significant shift, led by enterprising women who are not only challenging the status quo but also reshaping it. Their stories reflect determination, innovation, and the spirit of entrepreneurial leadership that is increasingly defining modern business landscapes today. Today, we feature three of our own Office Evolution female franchise owners, paving the way as established women in business and thriving in the coworking industry.

Peggy’s Leap of Faith: From Corporate to Coworking

Peggy, a former engineer by trade, found her calling to the coworking industry after a 30 year-long career in a variety of technology and engineering organizations. Her journey started with unexpected job loss, which is when she found herself connected with a franchise broker who introduced her to the possibility of business ownership. She found her best fit to be with Office Evolution where she felt like she was truly investing in herself.

What sets Peggy apart from other business owners is she is not a “serial entrepreneur” but a first time business owner. Making this change was a big leap for her, but the support offered by Office Evolution and other owners made this transition possible. By navigating business ownership, she has gained tremendous experience and insight, and now offers that same support to others. She recognizes that one of her biggest triumphs was being able to make connections and help others through networking despite being an introvert. This is the most rewarding and important aspect of her business.

Peggy’s advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs? Make those connections and support local businesses in your own community! There are so many resources both formal and informal to take advantage of. Most people are willing to help others out if you ask for it, so don’t be afraid to ask! As you gain experience, be ready to be a resource to help others as well. 

Laura’s Oasis: Lighting Up Others’ Lives 

Laura’s story is one of passion and drive, which is evident throughout her two Office Evolution locations. When she was looking for opportunities, she found the coworking model “The wave of the future” and loved the idea of Office Evolution’s Ohana culture embedded in their DNA. Fast forward to now, she has two bustling and successful locations in Westport, CT and Boca Raton, FL. Over the years she has learned that it is okay to be a perfectionist, but also realizes that the imperfection is part of the process. It’s how you handle those imperfections that matters as a business owner, and her goal of creating a productive professional environment has remained constant. 

One of the challenges of being a female entrepreneur is balancing personal and professional responsibilities. She credits her ability to take on more professionally to her husband. He allows her to focus on building her businesses, while growing her skills and knowledge in traditionally male dominant areas. Her advice for other aspiring female entrepreneurs is make sure you are willing and able to make sacrifices in your personal life to give your business the time and energy it requires – there is no such thing as a part time entrepreneur! 

Colleen’s Shift: From Engineering to Entrepreneur

Colleen’s coworking space is a beacon for other entrepreneurs. Her goal when opening the business was nowhere near what it is now – in the best way possible! No one can prepare for owning a business, and Colleen is so glad she’s where she is now. It’s all about enjoying the journey, both the good parts and the bad.

Being a former engineering professional, she knew that she didn’t want to spend her life being tied to that industry or the corporate grind. She found herself looking to open a franchise. No amount of schooling, or preparation could have actually prepared her for the challenges that come with owning and operating a business. But it’s in those challenges, that a lesson is learned and knowledge is gained that has helped with every challenge that has come her way. 

She notes that the defining characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to overcome failures and challenges to just keep on going. Her advice to other entrepreneurs is to roll with the punches, be flexible, and to think on your feet! Being able to deal with different people and personalities while maintaining professionalism is key. In Colleen’s small business it has been a challenge, but has helped shape her into a successful entrepreneur.

Peggy, Laura, and Colleen are more than just small business owners; they are trailblazers redefining the business owner landscape. They are just a few of the many female owners, business center managers, and members that contribute to the Office Evolution magic. As we celebrate women in business and their achievements, let’s look forward to the next generation of women in business! If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Office Evolution owner be sure to check out the amazing opportunities available. Or find a location nearest you and come check out one of our Nationwide locations!