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Recently, Dan Grosh was featured in the The Franchise Consultant Podcast. Hosted by Adam Goldman, the objective of the podcast is to help people become better business owners and franchisees so that they can live a better life.

A few of the excerpts from the podcast are referenced below. Listen to the full 15-minute podcast, and hear about Dan Grosh, why he chose Office Evolution, and how he sees Office Evolution moving beyond Covid. The full podcast may be found by following this link.

Dan GroshI wanted Dan to talk a little more about his journey in franchising in general and entrepreneurship.

"My journey is a culmination of about 15 - 20 years of looking at potential franchise opportunities to supplement what I'm doing today. part of this is intrinsic to keep motivated and second to do something for the community and I felt that Office Evolution was the right franchise that met all the right criteria for me."

You already have a job at Calibre One. Could you talk about why some sort of a business like Office Evolution was attractive.

"It's a complimentary business. In a lot of ways, Office Evolution is serving entrepreneurs which is the community we serve at caliber one which is placing executives in high tech companies. The space will be located in Diablo valley which will serve the entrepreneurial community which borders Silicon Valley. There's a lot of synergies between the two business where they're not competing and again, they're very synergistic. We can house entrepreneurs building a business from an early stage and then potentially help them in the future build out their executive teams."

Listen to the full podcast from The Franchise Consultant hosted by Adam Goldman.

What do you think is the benefit for someone that is potentially looking at franchises to join a franchise organization versus starting a business from scratch?

"I started a number of [Executive] Search businesses in the past and there's a tremendous amount of heavy lifting. So, the advantage you get from a franchise, especially in a business in which you're new to that business, which the coworking office space is something we've used at caliber one, but I've never run that type of a business. By having all of the support necessary, it makes it a little bit easier to do an owner absentee type of business, because I'm in a full-time role today and to run a side business or a part-time business, it's nice to be able to have, not only the support, but the expertise at hand."

It sounds like it was an emotional decision for you.

"It was certainly both. We had to make sure that model works for us. The owner absentee component of it was critical. There are a lot of franchises that are not owner absentee and that works for many. Perhaps they have retired and they want to do something else. Or, they've got the time commitment to do this. I don't. Being in a full-time role, I was specifically looking for owner absentee in a B2B model versus a B2C. Nothing against food, it's just something I didn't want to do. I wanted to do something that I know which is Business to Business. For me there, there was an objective view on this in terms of taking a look at the number and making sure that the numbers could work and the timeline could work and it fit for our family and schedule and everything that is involved in terms of starting a side business. And secondly this was certainly emotional in terms of signing the agreement. There were a couple of night where my wife and I stayed up and said, do we want to add the extra burden of a side business? is this really what we want to do. and we came to the conclusion that, yes, this was at this point in time for us."

What made you wake up one day and say, I'd love to have a side business?

"This was something I've been thinking about for many years. I've looked at a number of franchises over the last 10 years, I would say probably at least 10 to 20. And I had never gotten to a "Discovery Day". This was the first one that I had actually gotten to this point in the process where I decided to make the jump, make the commitment, go out and meet the team, this feels right. It was something I had always been thinking about. The timing was right, the stars were aligned, it's just the right business at the right time. and I’m' convinced that I'm working with the right team to build a successful business."

About the The Franchise Consultant Podcast:

LEARN ABOUT FRANCHISING AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Each Monday we'll release an episode. The podcast is hosted by Adam Goldman. Adam has over 10 years of franchising experience. He has worked hard to realize his dreams by being his own boss. His experience will help you to become a better business owner and franchisee so that you can live your best life. Whether you are wondering which is the "hottest" franchise for me or which franchises are most "recession resistant." I am here to explain that to you.

About Office Evolution:

Founded in 2003 and franchising since 2012, the Colorado-based company is the largest and fastest growing coworking franchisor in the United States. Office Evolution currently has 72 locations open. The brand has nearly 140 units sold in markets across the country and is poised for further growth as the demand for suburban workspace continues to rise. The brand’s model fills a niche for everyone who needs workspace close to home. Office Evolution is helping thousands of business owners be dreamers, risk-takers, and doers by providing them with access to professional services that will help them drive their business forward. Office Evolution continues to lead the workplace transformation that is projected to see nearly 30 percent of all office space become shared office space by 2030, according to a JLL report. Office Evolution is currently operating in 25 states across the nation and has been named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 and is an Inc. 5000 company. For more information about Office Evolution, please visit

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