Declare Your Independence from Your Home Office This Summer

If you’ve been stuck working from a private workspace at home during the pandemic, it can be a freeing experience to finally go back into the workplace. For many who have struggled with working from home, they may not have realized just how much they enjoy being around people or getting out of the house for eight hours a day.

But while declaring your independence from your home office is a welcomed idea, many remote workers simply aren’t ready to venture back into the crowded corporate office. They enjoy working around their own schedules and getting more flexibility in their workday. 

And since companies have already invested in remote work tools, there’s no reason why this new method can’t continue, at least in some capacity. 

An alternative to the confines of a home office is a private office space in a coworking environment that allows you all the freedom of remote work without the feelings of isolation. Here’s a closer look at how remote work can thrive outside of the home and corporate office environments:

Fewer Crowds in a Private Office Space

Micro offices.

Private workspaces within a coworking environment live up

to their name. You have your own dedicated office, not just a desk, which helps to keep you shielded from crowds. 

What’s more, coworking environments are generally less populous than the average corporate office, which further reduces gatherings. 

In the wake of the pandemic, limiting contact with others as much as possible continues to be paramount. It’s a matter of personal health and safety, as well as the safety of those around you. 

Private Workspaces Offer Fewer Distractions

Corporate and home offices are often ripe with distractions, many of which you simply can’t “turn off.” This is especially true for working parents who have had to juggle the responsibilities of childcare and home education alongside their normal work duties. 

And if you’re part of an organization that has been shut down for many weeks or months, going back to the office is almost guaranteed to be filled with distractions. People you haven’t seen for ages will want to catch up. Meetings will likely abound and the general chaos of getting back to normal can take a toll on your productivity.

Remote workers may be able to better utilize more of their workday when they can tune out the rest of the world and focus on their tasks at hand. A private workspace is perfect for diving deep into a specific project or task because it naturally eliminates many of the distractions of home or corporate environments.

A Sense of Community

One benefit of working outside of the home is being part of a community, whether it’s your coworkers or a group of other like-minded professionals. This is one of the innate traits of a coworking space, giving you a way to stay connected and energized through others while still enjoying autonomy.

Are you ready to declare your independence from your home office without sacrificing your flexibility?  Find the Office Evolution location nearest you.