Denver7 Hails Success of Office Evolution’s Northglenn, Colorado Location

Diane Mapes and her husband opened their Office Evolution space in the Northglenn suburb of Denver in 2020, just at the time the pandemic was changing the concept of office needs and office space. “Out in the suburbs, people are spoiled now. They’re used to being at home [and] don’t want to commute a half hour,” Mapes told Denver7 News. In the second financial quarter of 2021, Denver’s office real estate market had an 18.8 percent vacancy rate as employers downsized their office needs.

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Working close to home is terrific. Working at home, not so much. For those who favor the quiet and camaraderie of an office, not to mention a space that’s more professional than a corner in the dining room, Office Evolution’s coworking space has turned out to be the perfect solution.

“Meeting other people and talking to them, throwing ideas around, that’s what people need,” says Mapes. “It really brings people to life and helps their businesses grow.”

What Members Say

Denver7 interviewed several members of the Northglenn location, which has 45 private offices and hosts a wide range of businesses.

Jocelyn Chardon has a permanent makeup business and appreciates that she gets many referrals from other members.

Pediatric speech therapist Allie Johnson notes that “a lot of families feel more comfortable coming to a traditional office space as opposed to coming to a stranger’s home for the first time.”

Herbalist and acupuncturist Alisa Wong likes the Metro North location.

Established businesses also have space at Office Evolution to accommodate a growing number of remote workers.

“We call it the hub-and-spoke model,” Mapes told Denver7.

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