a business team collaborates in their shared office space

Did You Outgrow an Office? Typical Office Space Per Employee

So, you’ve got a growing business? Congratulations! A growing business often means new opportunities and the chance to hire new people who will help your business thrive. With office growth can also come the need to find a space that will comfortably accommodate your growing team. Even if your team works remotely, it’s helpful to have a home base where you can host professional in-person gatherings and meetings.

If your space is starting to feel smaller and your employee headcount is getting bigger, it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade.

How Much Office Space Do I Need Per Employee?

When determining how much office space you need for each employee, start by considering the type of space you want. To begin, ask yourself:

  • Do I want an open concept space or individual offices and workspaces?
  • What do individual employees or departments require in their workspace?
  • How many employees will typically be working remotely?
  • What daily operations will be conducted in this space?

As a starting point, we recommend allotting 100 square feet of office space per employee. Included in this square footage is the individual’s workspace along with any common space that may be used. This is a good size estimate to use if you are hoping to find a more open concept office with shared workspaces. However, in an office where there is a ratio of 100 square feet to each employee, there will not be a lot of room for individual offices and large meeting spaces.

If you are looking for more private space or common areas, try allotting 200 square feet per employee. For a very spacious office, at the maximum, 500 square feet per employee should suffice. This will give you plenty of room for private offices. This is typically needed for workspaces that host clients and need many private meeting rooms, such as a law office. 

Plan for Office Growth

Don’t forget to account for office growth when determining what size space you need for your business. Moving offices can be expensive and finagling your current space to comfortably fit more bodies can be tricky. It’s important to acknowledge the current and future state of your business when seeking the perfect office. Avoid having to terminate a lease early due to size by factoring in at least 10% more than your current actual needs. This will give you some wiggle room for future growth.

Pick an Office Space that Grows with You 

At Office Evolution, we understand that office growth can be unpredictable and often comes with unexpected costs. Especially as a new or small business, employee numbers can shift dramatically in just a few years, and rent can be a big expense – money that could be used for other work associated with growing your business.

When you and your team work from an Office Evolution, you get to work in an environment that accommodates your business at any size without the stress and fees of leasing your own space. You can even rent meeting rooms as needed for the occasional team get-together. Only pay for the space you need.

Office Evolution has private offices, collaborative workspaces, meeting rooms, and virtual offices to meet any of your office needs. Schedule a tour at an Office Evolution near you.