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How to Build a Team – 4 Hiring Tips for Your Growing Business

When you are hiring for a new or small business, the hiring process can come with challenges that larger, more established businesses do not experience. It can be harder for potential candidates to find your job listings, and finding quality candidates who meet your needs among a smaller pool of applicants can be tricky. When it comes to hiring and finding the best candidate for your open role, it’s all about strategy. You must make it easy for people to find your open position, provide a clear job description, stick to applicants who match the requirements you are seeking, and make a strong first impression.

It sounds like a lot, but let’s break it down to help your growing business find and hire great employees!

4 Small Business Hiring Tips 

Knowing how to build a team that achieves its goals starts with hiring the right people. Try these four hiring tips to attract and secure the best candidates for your open positions.

  1. Make your open position discoverable. As a small or growing business, applicants may not know about your company before applying, and therefore may not be sifting through your website or social media pages for open positions. Post your position on popular job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Keep the job title simple and try to include a pertinent keyword to help it show up in search results.
  2. Improve your website and social channels. Even though candidates may not initially find your job posting on your website or social platforms, don’t forget to spruce up and update these platforms. Including current employee bios on your website or a page that highlights some of your company’s achievements will help applicants gain a better understanding of the work you do and your company culture.
  3. Craft a job description that clearly outlines responsibilities and requirements. This will help applicants determine whether your job is the one for them before sending a resume your way. Having a clear vision of the candidate you want will help you get applications from people whose credentials are in line with your job specifications. It will also allow candidates to tailor their resumes to your job specifications, which will help you see how their skills and accomplishments could fit the role you need before you even get to an interview.
  4. Make a good impression. Once you’ve crafted a stellar job posting and found candidates you want to interview, it’s your turn to impress the applicant. Of course, they probably already want to work with you because they applied for your open position, but it’s still important to make a good impression and highlight your professionalism. Even if most of your work is done remotely and your business does not have a designated workspace, having an in-person interview can be a great way to get to know your candidate and learn about their professional accomplishments and how they might fit into your company’s culture. Try meeting at a local coffee shop or rent a private office at an Office Evolution near you to ensure a quiet and professional meeting space.

How to Build a Successful Team

Because your business is growing, it’s important to find hires who will fill the role you need and get the job done right. This is especially important when your business is new or cannot take on too many employees. Hiring a new employee can be a big financial undertaking and you may only have the capacity for a few positions. Here’s how to build a successful team, no matter how small or large your team may be.

  • Make sure each hire can work efficiently and confidently within their position by providing them with all the tools they need to succeed.
  • Establish clear expectations from the start.
  • Foster effective, frequent, and honest communication within your team.
  • Use positive motivation tactics when your team needs a boost.
  • Reward employees for good work, taking initiative, and going above and beyond normal expectations.
  • Remember that your team members are human. Grant them grace when they need it, allow them to learn from their mistakes, and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Once you’ve got a great team in place, the next challenge is retaining them. We have some advice about how businesses can retain their employees and reduce turnover.

Tips for Hiring Freelancers

The tasks you need completed may not require a full-time employee. Consider utilizing freelancers to get expert work when you need it. Many growing businesses prefer to hire freelancers, as they can save your growing business money and give you the opportunity to find top-tier talent for specific projects. Don’t forget to vet your potential freelance hire. Have a virtual or in-person meeting to get to know one another and see if you will be a good fit professionally.

Similar to hiring any other employee, it’s essential to provide clear expectations of the work you want to be done and the credentials candidates should have prior to applying. This will ensure the work is going to the right candidate and they clearly understand the work they are signing themselves up for. Apart from project requirements, a timeline and budget should be provided to help freelancers better understand the scope of their work. Create a contract outlining the scope of work for a given project to protect both you and your freelancer.

Start Expanding Your Network Today

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