Does Office Location Really Matter?

The location of a business doesn’t play the same role in its success as it once did. Technology has enabled businesses to take on a more flexible environment, going so far as to have an entire workforce in different cities around the globe without having to keep up offices in those cities.

While your employees may not care where your office is (especially if they work remotely anyway), your clients might. It’s important to consider what your location says about your company and how you can use that to grow your company image, credibility, and revenue.

What Location Says About Your Business

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When someone says they have an office in Silicon Valley, the high-end tech world immediately springs to mind. People who have offices in New York are among some of the world’s best-in-class brands. Offices in pricey areas like San Francisco or London will make your business seem financially healthy. 

In this context, location really does matter. People associate your business with other businesses in the area. It says a lot about what you do and about the culture that defines your company. When your clients see your business address on a website or business card, it helps shape their perception of your size, stature, and credibility. 

This is one big reason why so many big companies and brands make their homes in big cities. They not only want a top-notch talent pool from which to choose, but also crave the attention and reputation that only the right city can bring. 

Location Affects Hiring, Too

Your office location will also impact the type of talent you attract. Companies like Google and Penny Hoarder transform the boring office into a fun, inspiring environment in which people want to work. Workers appreciate things like snacks, free coffee, game rooms, and even nap pods, and companies that provide a better work/life balance via the office space are more likely to attract the best talent.

However, setting up shop in a physical office space limits you to the local talent pool. Traditional offices can get expensive, especially as you grow. The more people you hire, the more space, furniture, and equipment you need to keep business going. 

If you’re interested in hiring remote workers, you’d likely benefit from a virtual office that offers the credibility of an office without the overhead. Workers are increasingly seeking remote work opportunities, with 68 percent of young workers saying the option would make them more interested in a company. 

How to Choose a Home for Your Business

Private office space with large L shaped desk and window.

Businesses still pay good money to be on a main road or have an office with a view. However, the concept of the office has changed, including what highly desirable features like a prime location and scenery should cost. 

Office Evolution is changing how an office should look and function. By offering services like private office space or a virtual office address, we’re focused on helping you build the company image you want without the traditional overhead of having your own space. 

Office location matters, so take advantage of being in total control of it, no matter where you live. Find the Office Evolution location nearest you today!