Coworking member spotlight

Elevating Your Business: Laurie’s Success with Office Evolution

Meet Laurie, a shining example of how Office Evolution’s Flex Office space can transform your work-life balance and elevate your business. Laurie began working with us in 2021, and since then her business has grown exponentially.

As a certified Life and Leadership coach, Laurie initially conducted her coaching business from the comfort of her home. This arrangement had its advantages, but as her client list continued to grow, she found herself facing challenges. Laurie’s household was bustling with kids, dogs, and household chores, making it increasingly difficult to maintain a focused and distraction-free workspace. Moreover, some of her clients yearned for in-person meetings rather than video or phone calls.

In the summer of 2021, Laurie decided it was time to make a change. She explored various office space options, and fate led her to Melissa at Office Evolution. Melissa offered Laurie a day trial to experience our workspace and immediately knew this was the workspace to call home. Laurie loved the ability to commit to an office space, whether or not she had clients scheduled, allowing her to immerse herself in her work without distraction.

One of the amenities that appealed to Laurie was how welcoming the receptionist is. When the receptionist transitioned from Melissa to Jen Michalik, the essence of Office Evolution remained unchanged. With fresh coffee available all day and fully furnished spaces, Office Evolution provided Laurie both convenience and comfort. Today, Laurie’s client list is thriving, and approximately 25% of her clients prefer face-to-face meetings. With her committed office hours, accommodating these in-person sessions is a breeze.

. Laurie’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of a flexible workspace. It’s a place where entrepreneurs like Laurie can flourish, focus, and provide the best service to their clients.

Laurie’s story is just one of the many success stories that unfold within the vibrant Office Evolution community. Are you ready to optimize your work-life balance and take your business to the next level? Find an Office Evolution location near you to learn more about our Flex Memberships and embark on your journey of success today.