Essential Office Startup Tools for 2020: The Quick List

Getting your new business venture up and running is no easy feat; if it were, everyone would be in business for themselves! It’s not just a matter of coming up with a million-dollar idea and hiring the people to bring it to life. There are tons of tools and resources working behind the scenes to simplify the way you work and keep costs to a minimum.

Here’s a quick look at some of the top entrepreneurial tools that will turn your office into a well-oiled machine.


Asana is project management zen for startups, giving you an easy way to delegate tasks, build workflows, and monitor deadlines and completion. At its basic level, Asana is completely free to use and extremely easy to implement. 


If you want to give your workflows and projects a visual boost, Trello is a step up from Asana. It uses a kanban board system to streamline projects, provide more data at a glance, and easily track project movements. Trello offers a free-forever plan that lets you create unlimited projects and boards with unlimited users.

Every small business needs a budget, and is an excellent tool for startups to manage expenses. Track your budget, debt, income, and other money-related data using an intuitive interface for about $7/month.


Need to scale your team on the cheap? Freelancing platforms like Fiverr can give you access to experts in writing, marketing, social media, SEO, graphic and website design, coding, and a variety of other services. You can keep costs low by outsourcing without taking on additional overhead.


Office Space for Rent

While you’re filling your office space with tools, it’s important to consider the office itself. Is it big enough to accommodate your current needs? Will it scale as you grow? Are you paying for more space than you really need?

Paying too much for office space can kill your profits, especially if you’re locked into a long-term lease. Costs can vary from month to month, and if your office needs change before your lease is up, you might not be able to seize the right opportunities when they come along.

Office Evolution is a valuable tool for startups who need a predictable, affordable private workspace. You pay a monthly fee with no long-term contract, and you can add space as your business grows. 

Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and give your new business the best start for 2020!