How Office Evolution provides, and thrives, during Covid-19

Mike Brower, CFO of coworking giant Office Evolution, speaks with Jack Sweeney of CFO Thought Leader in a podcast about his strategy and philosophy behind OE’s success, particularly during Covid-19.

“Being suburban based, Office Evolution is close to where people live and offers flexible membership plans. We are set up to thrive in that environment,” Mike explains—

“Most of the country’s workforce is forced to work at home and people are finding they need to get out of their space, but they don’t want to take mass transit downtown, “ Mike explains, “They want to be able to go a mile and have office space available. That’s what we’re set up to provide for people because we’re suburban based.”

Mike believes that Office Evolution’s success lies in the Ohana family culture within the OE business model. “Culture is so important. It permeates into everything,” he added—

“If I have a franchisee call me late at night, I’ll take that call, because we are all in this together.”

Office Evolution’s remote workspace solutions include private offices, conference rooms, touchless entry, and flexible memberships, all allowing for easy social distancing at a time when many are looking for a safe place to work, be inspired, and be productive while staying close to home. OE has sold 10 units this year in the middle of Covid and is looking to have 80 locations up and running by the first quarter of 2021.

Listen to Mike’s entire podcast on CFO Thought Leader, here.