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Whether you run a start-up or are self-employed, working from home can be tricky. There are many distractions, plus you don’t have access to the amenities that are traditionally available in an office setting. Instead of continuing to struggle, there is an answer with our private office space at Office Evolution. Here’s a look at the different options we have available and the ways they can serve you.

4 Types of Private Office Spaces We Offer

Whatever your industry, Office Evolution® has a private office that can meet your business needs. You’ll be able to establish credibility in a professional space, complete tasks that require concentration, and continue to build your business, all without the commitment of an office rental.

We offer several choices for private workspaces including:

  • A Fully Furnished Private Office. Our fully furnished private office spaces are available on either a long-term or month-to-month basis. You’ll have access to the amenities and privacy you need for your growing business, minus the hefty overhead.  
  • Dedicated Workspaces. If you have a new business, you might not need a full office. This solution provides a dedicated workspace that is clean, bright, and welcoming, yet also available at a more cost-friendly price point than a private office. 
  • Day Offices. If you need an office for a day or two, we have just what you need. Fully furnished private offices with business class internet and wifi. Ideal for important meetings or projects.
  • Dedicated Desk. If you simply need your own workday to focus on projects, a dedicated desk is an ideal solution. It provides you with a comfortable chair, plenty of desk space, and a cabinet for locking in your belongings. 

Tour the Private Office Spaces at Office Evolution!

At Office Evolution, our goal is to provide the right private office space and services tailored to your needs, all to foster productivity and innovation. You can also access resources, like copiers, fax machines, conference rooms, and whiteboards, to further maximize your business potential. We invite you to come to take a tour of our high-level amenities and see for yourself what sets us apart. You’ll always be greeted with a smile at Office Evolution!