Franchise Spotlight: Deon & Debbie Boles

A little about Deon and Debbie Boles of Los Gatos, CA:

They’re high school sweethearts.

Deon and Debbie both grew up in the Central Valley, met in high school, married 26 years ago and have two children. Deon practices his CPA skills at a high tech, Silicon Valley company, while Debbie faces eager elementary school children each day as their reading teacher.  

How did they catch OE fever?

“We’ve always wanted to take ownership of a business, and with retirement on the horizon, we thought owning a franchise would be a great way to have independence plus the flexibility to participate in all the things we want to do in retirement,” said Deon. 

Though they looked at other franchise opportunities, they said none compared to Office Evolution. “We loved the coworking model and knew that the demand would be high in an area like ours, which is full of tech companies and entrepreneurs,” said Debbie. “Plus, we believed in the mission statement and what Office Evolution stands for.”

What’s the vibe in Los Gatos?CA Los Gatos G (7)

It’s a place where you get that small town feel with the amenities of a big city. Apple, Google and Ebay are just a few miles away.

All those big thinkers make Los Gatos the perfect spot for an OE location.  This one has 42 private offices, two conference rooms, and ten dedicated desks. “Our members are an eclectic, creative group of venture capitalists, insurance brokers, real estate agents, speech therapists, life coaches, and web/graphic designers. We feel energized about helping them strive for success in their business endeavors,” said Debbie.

The most fabulous part about running an OE franchise is…

…the flexibility it allows, says Deon. “Plus, we’re creating a connection with all these other entrepreneurs. We’re in this together, striving for improvement and success in our respective fields. It feels very empowering. We have a common goal, and it’s fun to be able to share it with others in the Ohana.

Their words of wisdom to future entrepreneurs

Investigate the business thoroughly and surround yourself with a wonderful support staff, advise Deon and Debbie. Believe in the company and the business model you’ve chosen, and make sure your team is just as dedicated as you are. “Office Evolution has an amazing team and they truly understand what it takes to make a business succeed,” said Deon. “We feel fortunate to be a part of the Office Evolution Ohana!”

Click here for more information about the Boles’ location in Los Gatos, CA, or find and Office Evolution location in your area.

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