Franchise Spotlight – Doug Havas

Getting to know Doug Havas, OE franchise owner in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What’s behind his ‘can-do’ attitude?

I grew up in Maryland and moved to Charlotte, NC in 1995. I graduated from the University of Maryland and then immediately went into technology sales, where I spent 35 years. I have had the opportunity to work for large global corporations as well as start-up and early stage companies.  I travelled around the world, experiencing different cultures and witnessing the various ways they do business.

Those experiences empowered me to leave corporate America and venture out on my own as an entrepreneur.  I started my own consulting company where I provide sales consulting, strategy, and fractional outsourced VP of sales services to small and mid-sized businesses.  It provides me the chance to connect with, work in, and serve my local business community, and knowing that I am affording business owners a better chance of achieving their dreams has been very rewarding.

How he spends his downtime:

I enjoy reading for pleasure and for business, playing golf, sailing, and just spending quality time with my family and friends. That includes my wife of 33 years, Ramona, our two adult children, and our eight-year-old grandson. They live nearby in the Charlotte area.

What made Doug want to join the OE Ohana?

I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to helping and serving small businesses in my local community.  The Office Evolution model fit nicely with my sales consulting business, as it allows me to serve and support small business and solopreneurs. I had also dabbled in commercial real estate as a hobby, so this business model felt right for me. Equally important, I was looking for a franchisor that shared the same values and culture that are so important to me.  I felt the “Ohana” at OE was exactly what I was looking for. Joining has been a win-win!

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A few words about his members…

Our members represent many different businesses, including property management, logistics and transportation, therapist/counselors, financial advisors, sales and marketing companies, business consultants, home healthcare providers, and more.  I have only owned this location for a few months, and we are working to bring the various members together and help them network and build a real Ohana-like community.

Our location is north of Uptown Charlotte (city center) in a large, attractive business park, University Research Park.  It is very accessible from several different interstates and convenient to shopping and restaurant options.

For Doug, the best part about owning an OE franchise is…

… interacting with the members!  I like to hear about their businesses.  If there is any way I can help them, I always offer ideas.  I like to leverage my local referral network and strategic partners and connect them to our members.  It is so great when you can work and collaborate as one small business owner to another.  We want to expand this sense of community and create new programs that help promote our members to their target customers and to the local community in general.  Overall, I love this business because I feel like I can add real value and service my local business community.

Doug’s words of wisdom to other entrepreneurs: 

Make sure you get into the business for the right reasons.  You need a sincere passion to serve and to help others in your communities. Always approach things with a servant attitude.  And always put yourself in the shoes of your customer, because that’s the best way to understand what they value.

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