Franchise Spotlight – Erin and Ryan Seager

We recently spoke with Erin and Ryan Seager as they gear up for their 2-year anniversary for their Office Evolution franchise in Overland Park, Kansas.  In their words:

Tell us about your background: 

Erin: I’ve spent most of our married lives raising our three boys and volunteering in the community, mostly in education and mission work.  After returning to the workforce, I taught three-year-olds at our church preschool for 10 years. Over a year ago, I stepped into the role of BCM in our Overland Park space out of necessity when our BCM quit a week before our grand opening!  

Ryan: I work in healthcare software sales, leading a variety of different teams in the clinical workflow and automation space. I have to travel quite a bit for work, and Erin and I decided we wanted to build a business where we could create value locally…without having to travel as often. I’m an active investor in OE, and do my best to support our team and members whenever I’m in town.

In our 24 years of marriage, we’ve raised three sons and hosted four exchange students. In fact, our first “daughter” is with us now and hails from Germany. I play a lot of old man soccer and golf, and Erin loves to read. Together, we travel whenever we can, often to see the boys.

What made you decide to become an OE franchisee?

Erin: We attended Ohana Day and originally purchased our franchise with a partner who has since removed himself from the business. We were extremely impressed with the anticipated growth of the industry, the fantastic staff at OE corporate, the active investor model, margins displayed in the FDD, and the shared vision of helping our community.

Tell us a little about your location and members:KS Overland Park (1)

Ryan: Office Evolution Overland Park celebrates its two-year anniversary this month. We have 11,028 square feet on the first floor of a building in a very busy area. Currently, our 40 dedicated offices are approximately 80 percent occupied (with agreements out that would make us 98% full, so wish us luck). We also have 50 virtual members, and a growing meeting room and guest business.

What do you enjoy most about owning/running a flexible workspace?

Ryan: The culture we have built in our center is one with true Ohana. Our members (and even our guests) are great people, and the sense of community is one of our greatest selling points. Erin built that, and our current BCM, Iesha, continues to develop it. Our members make it fun to go into the office.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? 

Ryan: Build relationships and leverage other franchisees for support and their experiences. Every business is a roller coaster, and having the support of friends makes it a lot more fun. It is critical to also build in extra financial working capital to get started! The competition in our space grew rapidly between when we bought and when we opened. We are growing, but it has just taken longer than we planned, so ensure you have enough working capital to survive and thrive!

For more information about the Office Evolution location in Overland Park, click here. Or find an Office Evolution location in your area.

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