Franchise Spotlight – Joe and Joy Wezner

The Wezners were attracted to the Office Evolution business model as a way to have a business close to home, while Joe could continue to pursue his career. 

As a commodity trader, Joe has been involved in trading everything from gold to cotton. Joy used her background in Fine Arts and Psychology to help people with Art Therapy. Besides being involved in the franchise’s day-to-day operations, she finds time to care for their three active daughters. 

 The decision to open an Office Evolution franchise was an easy one.  The Ohana culture of national structure and support was a perfect model. While the Wezners have been living in Northern New Jersey for 25 years, Joe was looking to step back from commuting into New York City daily. The prospect of an Office Evolution franchise offered a place for him to perform two jobs – one in commodities and one as a partner servicing the needs of the members.  

About the Location: Wezner 2

The business center is located on the lobby level of Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, New York. It is a one million square foot beacon rising 22 stories in the middle of Rockland County. The grounds are parklike with an outdoor sculpture garden offering a quiet place to take a break. The building includes unique features like its own post office, bus service to New York City, and is known for its art displays which change twice yearly. The concourse includes an onsite gym as well as a large cafeteria, daycare, hair salon, and sundry store.  

While the members include financial planners, CPA’s, and lawyers, they are quite diverse. The Wezner’s very first member is the owner of a car service and restaurant. In case your child needs extra help in school, they have a math tutor as a member, as well as a local cleaning service. They have found that having such a varied membership allows for healthy collaboration.  

The most positive feedback the Wezners get from their members is regarding the Business Center Manager, Marianne Riker. She is always eager to assist members, and her help always comes with a laugh thrown in to liven the center’s mood. She is a life-long resident of Pearl River and it feels like she knows everyone in town. Mari was chosen due to her strong background in sales, hospitality, and management. 

Joe and Joy believe their success would not have been possible without the Office Evolution Ohana. They cannot say enough about how helpful the team is. Having never run their own business, the team was there every step of the way.  Additionally, the Wezners attribute their success to building relationships within the area, online advertising, and word of mouth in the community. 

Learn more about the Pearl River, New York location here. 

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