People working in a conference room while wearing masks

Get Well – Get Out – Get Going

As a result of the Great Covid Pandemic, a number of ailments have leading scientists, medical practitioners, and employers concerned about the symptoms and maladies being experienced by workers who have been forced to work from home, isolate themselves and work remotely instead of from offices, private offices or coworking spaces.

Well, not really. But remote work does cause those workers to experience a few interesting symptoms and made-up illnesses:

  • Looming Chore Angst (LCA) – I know I have work to do, but I also have to do the laundry, clean up after the dog, and do the dishes – OMG! Is it trash day?!? Private offices offer an opportunity to get away from LCA.
  • Bad Wifi Disease (BWD) – Need to connect? Good luck. Business-class wifi is much more reliable, and often faster and more secure than residential wifi service.
  • Visiting Guest Pest Control (VGPC) – Visiting guests while you’re trying to work – enough said. Find a quiet office or coworking place away from the friends and family you love so much.
  • Pet Preoccupation Paralysis (PPP) – I can spend more time playing with the dog or cat and have more fun than in any meeting.
  • Solo and Remote Worker Syndrome (SRWS) – the feeling of isolation, loneliness and depression with not having any human, professional, live contact.
  • Pandemic Fashion Faux Pas (PFFP) – Got your pants on for that Zoom call? Still wearing your jammies? “Dress for Success” was a real book – read it. And put some business clothes on!
  • Refrigerator Proximity Condition (RPC) – We’ve heard of the Freshman 15, now we have the Pandemic 15. Who put the refrigerator so close to our at-home, at-the-kitchen-table office?
  • And many more . . . .

Shared offices, coworking locations and private offices provide alternatives for remote workers, entrepreneurs and solo business owners to mitigate some of the effects of work-from-home. It also might just jump-start or boost your business by providing a professional location with a built-in network to expose your business to other community members.


What is Office Evolution?

Office Evolution provides virtual offices, coworking, private offices, “offices on demand” and professional business address/ mailbox solutions at our shared business center.

We have many options and price points, and all terms are flexible. Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals. We have an amazing community of entrepreneurs and small businesses which provides for great networking opportunities.