Rent Mailbox Space in Hackensack (Northern New Jersey) for Your Small Business

If you’re starting a home business, you’ll have to make an important decision. Should you use your home address as the address of your business? Or should you rent mailbox space at a local professional center such as Office Evolution® Hackensack?

While using your residential address will save you a few dollars up front, a business mailbox rental is typically a smart long-term investment. By renting a business mailbox, you can keep your personal address private, secure your incoming mail and parcels, and market your business more effectively.

And if you choose to rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Hackensack, you’ll enjoy a host of further advantages. We offer highly affordable business address plans and give you the option of bundling your rental with additional features and services, resulting in big savings for you and your business.

Why Rent a Mailbox at Office Evolution Hackensack?

Small business owners in Bergen County, NJ rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Hackensack for a range of different reasons. So if you’re thinking of renting a business mailbox, you can expect a range of benefits for your business.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the most important benefits of a business mailbox rental at our location…

Security. At Office Evolution Hackensack, we rent mailbox units in a secure, professional setting, with each mailbox kept under lock and key. So you won’t need to worry about mail getting into the wrong hands.

Marketing. Many websites will only let you register your business if don't use a residential address, they require a commercial address. This makes a business mailbox rental indispensable for marketing your business online.

Privacy. Instead of listing your home address on important, easily accessed documents, a mailbox rental will give you a dedicated business address that you can use instead.

Image. Using a residential address for your business can impact the way clients view your company. A business address will allow you to operate a virtual office, giving the appearance of an office-based business, without the cost of actually renting an office.
Meeting Rooms. Your mailbox rental gives you membership rates for renting a meeting room or office by the hour. 

Convenience. When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Hackensack, you’ll enjoy our parcel reception services. That means you won’t need to wait around the house when you’re expecting a delivery.

Affordability. On a basic plan, our Business Address services cost as little as $79/month. This way, you can rent a private mailbox and business address on practically any budget.

Flexibility. In addition to highly affordable pricing, we also offer flexible rentals, including month-to-month agreements, perfect for anyone who wants to avoid long-term fixed costs.

Add-On Services. Professionals who rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Hackensack have the opportunity to save big on additional small business solutions. By upgrading to a Professional Plan or Professional Plan Plus, you can bundle your mailbox rental with a coworking membership or live phone answering services.

Business address services from Office Evolution Hackensack are an ideal fit for home business owners in Hackensack, Teaneck, Paramus, and surrounding areas in Bergen County, NJ. Learn more about how to rent mailbox space in Northern NJ. Contact us today!


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