How a Flexible Workspace Can Help People Get Ahead | Office Evolution

It seems like it is a headline we see over and over lately: “The future of work is changing.” Over the past few years, we have seen the traditional working model get significantly disrupted, to the benefit of employees and entrepreneurs both.

Providing flexible options for employees is a major draw for companies, and if you are a business owner yourself, you understand how freeing it is to have autonomy over your work.

So with all the talks of flexible workspaces out there, how exactly does this concept benefit people in the workforce? Below, we will take a look at some of the perks of flexible work setups and situations where they might be the ideal solution.

The Benefits of a Flexible Work Setup

Companies are in control of their office space. In a traditional commercial lease, companies lease out a designated portion of a building regardless of how much of it they can fill. For some companies this may make sense, but for companies that are growing, have seasonal demands to meet or otherwise do not want to commit to a prohibitive contract, a flexible coworking space is a great solution. Being able to scale up and scale down as needed is a major benefit for businesses and can lead to major savings on office space.

Better commutes mean happier workers. While a long commute is something that many people have had to endure and get used to throughout their careers, commuting still takes its toll. Time spent commuting is time that could be spent on other things outside of work, such as time with family or hobbies, which are proven to improve a person’s work-life balance. By choosing a coworking space in a central location, commute times grow shorter and quality of life can improve.

A varying routine allows for customization. While some people prefer a full work-from-home setup while others always prefer being in an office, for most people, the preference falls somewhere in between. With a coworking space, workers can choose if they would like a collaborative office environment or the solace of a solo focus session each day. This flexibility and autonomy allows people to bring their best to work, regardless of what setup they prefer.

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