How to Make the Most of Remote Work While the Kids Are Home

As the summer months progress, working from home alongside taking care of your children poses increasing challenges. You are not alone, roughly 8 in 10 parents who work remotely at least part of the time juggle jobs with their family responsibilities according to the modern family index

Parents are accustomed to the convenience of dropping their children off at school and then returning home to begin their workday. During the school year, after-school daycare activities and sports offer valuable childcare solutions. However, when summer arrives, a new approach is required. 

Parents must seek out unique childcare options to cater to their family’s specific needs during the summer months, such as: 

  • Family/ Grandparents: Summertime presents an excellent opportunity to have family members watch over the kids, fostering that cherished bond between children and their relatives. 
  • Nannies: Babysitters can come to your home and handle various domestic and childcare responsibilities such as driving the kids, preparing meals, and assisting with household tasks. 
  • Traditional Care Programs: Some schools offer childcare programs throughout the summer months as well, so keep an eye out! 

Apart from exploring different childcare options, we have additional tips to make the work-from-home summer more manageable and enjoyable for the entire family! 

Let Some Things Go

First things first, it’s essential to accept that you can’t do it all. Embrace the idea that some household chores might have to take a backseat during the summer. Prioritize your work tasks and identify essential household chores while being open to leaving non-urgent tasks for later. This way, you can free up time to spend with your kids and participate in fun activities together.

Build-in Fun Activities

Incorporate one or more fun activities into your daily or weekly routine. This could be anything from a family movie night, a game afternoon, a picnic in the backyard, or even a weekend getaway to a nearby park or beach. By scheduling these activities, you create something to look forward to, and it allows you to bond with your children while making memories together.

Find a Fun Camp for Your Kid to Foster Independence

Summer camps are a fantastic way to keep your kids engaged, entertained, and socially active during their break. Look for camps that align with your child’s interests, whether it’s sports, arts, science, or nature. Besides offering a fun experience, these camps can also foster independence and personal growth in your child. When the kids get older they can start to take on more responsibility to support the family helping everyone in the long term.

Have a Backup Plan

Even with the best-laid plans, there might be times when work demands become more pressing, and you need uninterrupted time. Have a backup plan ready for such situations. Reach out to family, friends, or trusted neighbors who can lend a helping hand or take care of your kids for a few hours. Having a reliable backup plan provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on work when needed.

Find an Office Space to Rent While the Kids Go Camping

If your kids are attending a summer camp or visiting family, consider using this time to find a temporary office space to rent. Office Evolution is a great place to get a month-to-month membership over the summer. The flexibility of Office Evolution’s workspace memberships allows you to take some time for yourself while continuing to advance in your career. Working from a professional environment can boost productivity and help separate work life from home life. Explore coworking spaces or short-term office rentals in your area to create a conducive work environment.

Remember, this phase is temporary. Summer break will eventually come to an end, and your kids will be back at school before you know it. You might even find yourself missing these chaotic and challenging moments! On those tough days, take it one step at a time. Make sure to carve out some time for yourself amidst the chaos – a few moments in the shower, deep breaths on the porch, a call to a trusted friend to vent – do whatever quick fix you need to carry on.

If you know working from home is not going to work for you, always remember to have flexible monthly memberships to make your summer feel a little more relaxing and special. Find a location near you today!