How to Share Office Space Happily and Productively

How to Share Office Space Happily and Productively

When it comes to shared office space, having a toolkit of tricks to make any space an environment where you feel productive, comfortable, and able to connect with others, is essential. Office Evolution wants you to thrive in any workspace. To truly make a shared office space work for you, we’ve compiled a few tricks to help you work harmoniously and productively.

How to Share an Office

When it comes to shared office spaces, we know why they’ve become so popular. These spaces can be cost-effective, are a great place for growing or new businesses to collaborate, offer networking opportunities, and are flexible based on your workspace needs. Try these techniques to be as comfortable and productive as possible in a new shared workspace.

  • Separate Coworking Spaces from Individual Workspaces

    • Sharing a workspace can lead to distractions and less time to focus on your individual work. Creating a separation between when and where you focus individually versus collaboration time will help you avoid distractions and utilize the space efficiently.

  • Invest in Noise Cancelling Headphones

    • While shared office spaces can be great for networking and creating connections, this can also mean there are many people working with different agendas and working habits. If you find yourself getting distracted in your workspace, try noise cancelling headphones. These can help you drown out the noise of those working around you and signal to others that you are in focus mode.

  • Keep your Work Area Clean

    • No one wants to work in a messy space. Remember, a mess in a shared workspace affects more than just the person who created the mess. Get papers from the printer in a timely manner, wipe up the crumbs from your lunch, and take your things with you after using shared desks and conference tables.

  • Be Considerate to Your Neighbors

    • Just as it’s important to stay tidy in your shared space, remember to be quiet and kind to the people around you. If you must hop on a call, try using headphones to keep everyone around you from having to listen, or step away to a space further from others.

  • Make Your Office Space Your Own

    • Even in a shared office space, making your work environment feel comfortable and personal can help you enjoy the space even more. This can put you in a great headspace as you tackle your daily tasks.

  • Incorporate Your Favorite Color Scheme

    • Buy color coordinated office supplies that you can take with you to any space.

  • Display Photos That Make You Smile

    • Especially if you work in a shared office space where you often use the same desk and can leave personal items, bringing photos of people you love or positive memories, is an easy way to personalize your space.

  • Bring Fresh Flowers

    • To make your space a little brighter, put some fresh flowers in a vase to truly bring your space to life. You could even put these in a shared space, like a break room, for everyone to enjoy! Don’t forget to throw them out and clean to vase when they start to wilt.

  • Make it Comfortable

    • Don’t let discomfort keep you from focusing. If your chair is hurting your back or you are freezing in your shared space, make a change. In a shared office space, you may not have control the thermostat or furniture. Instead, try bringing a decorative pillow or blanket that you can easily travel with and drape over your chair. This will add a pop of color to your space and boost your comfort in your workspace.

  • Enjoy the Community!

    • One of the best parts about working in a shared office space is the diverse community. Connect with the people around you!


Make Your Shared Office Experience Great!

Don’t let the idea of a shared office space scare you. With this toolkit of tips, you will thrive in any space! Utilizing a shared workspace can be the perfect way to connect with others and grow your business. Contact an Office Evolution near you and start working productively in a new office space today.