Improve Employee Retention with Office Perks

Gone are the days when all an employee expected from a job was a paycheck. Nowadays, employees want more from the company they work for, and employers are responding via office perks to create an environment in which their employees will want to work.

Data shows that a healthy salary isn’t the only thing that’s important to employees. In fact, one surprising study from Glassdoor revealed that 79 percent of employees would prefer perks and benefits to a pay raise. 

This idea has ushered in a new era of how the office environment should look and function, especially when you consider the outrageous office perks that tech companies like Google offer.

Don’t take this data at face value; the types of office perks matter. Choosing the right ones will not only help you retain your best employees but also attract new star players to your team.

Take a look at some of the most common office perks that are making a real difference.

Open office space.An Upbeat Office Culture

If you’re going to be spending a chunk of your day at the office, you want to work in a place that’s pleasant and fun, yet productive and conducive to work. Office culture contributes to the quality of the workday. Everything from the layout of the office to the attitudes of the employees can affect the speed and effectiveness of each person’s work.

Simply investing in establishing a positive office culture can go a long way in helping each employee perform their best.

Wellness Perks

The office environment has become synonymous with the sedentary lifestyle, and employees with desk jobs are looking to change this. Adding wellness perks like morning yoga, counseling services, or free healthy snacks in the break room can ensure each employee can live a healthy life, even when sitting for most of the day. 

Remote Work Opportunities

It’s estimated that by 2020, nearly half of the U.S. workforce will be remote in some capacity. While that may create challenges for company leaders, it may be necessary if you want to keep good employees. 

In fact, 68 percent of new job seekers say that the prospect of working remotely, at least part of the time, increases their interest in an employer. Many companies have adopted a hybrid model, which allows for both remote and in-office work days. 

Office space with conference room.Flexible Workspace

Does the idea of working in a private office appeal to you, or would you prefer an open office space? 

There is no single-best solution when it comes to the work environment. Each person has his or her own unique work style, and companies should consider a flexible workspace so that people can choose how they work best.

At Office Evolution, we specialize in providing flexible workspaces so you can choose the right setup for your needs.

How to Create a Flexible Workspace In Which Employees Want to Work 

In the modern workforce, salary alone isn’t enough to keep top performers on your team. Things like job security, enjoyability, and a flexible workspace and schedule are invaluable to the right people, and companies can save themselves a lot of hassle and expense if they know just how to motivate and please their team.

For companies wishing to retain talented employees, consider offering office perks that help you contribute to their quality of life. These types of perks are usually not the most expensive but pack the greatest value — for you AND for them.

For the best options in flexible workspaces, find the Office Evolution location nearest you.