Improve Your Professional Image with a Virtual Office

Tired of everyone telling you how lucky you are to work from home? Secretly wish you had a work space all your own with the benefits of a highly functional and equipped office?

For as many benefits as there is to working from home – and there are many – there is also a downside time-punching office workers don’t necessarily understand. In fact, some of the benefits of working from home can also be some of its biggest drawbacks.

Pros vs. Cons

Flexible working hours, after commute time, is the number one reason people who don’t work from home think working remotely is easy. As entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, nomad workers, and virtual office workers can attest, working flexible hours sometimes mean you work more hours with less social interaction.

Anyone who has worked from home for an extended period of time understands the pull of the home office after normal working hours — even weekends. You feel like you are never away from the office. And let’s be honest, you’re not. Your cell phone isn’t just for family and friends, but for clients who call after hours. The “off” hours of your flexible schedule are filled with running business errands to an outside printer or the post office.

The biggest drawback might be to your professional image when you take important business meetings in a noisy restaurant.

Ideal Solution

While working remotely has become the norm across many industries, it presents a challenge when dealing with clients. In fact, many mobile workers covet a space where an answering service screens their calls; meeting rooms aren’t restaurants, coffee houses or the local library; tech support; mail/printing services and an office where they can close the lights at the end of the day and go home.

Whether you are an attorney prepping for a trial or a freelance writer, public places aren’t always conducive to client meetings or interviews. What you need is a virtual office – a physical building with a management staff whose primary goal is to provide you with a flexible and professional work environment – only when needed.


Your clients will automatically elevate your professionalism when they learn you have an office in one of our coast-to-coast virtual office locations, strategically located in metropolitan areas. You’ll impress with professional reception, a fully functional meeting room or fully furnished office.

As a business owner or employee in the digital age, needing a physical office space to impress clients seems antiquated and out-of-touch with how business is conducted in the modern world. The truth is, clients want to be wowed by your professionalism; it builds confidence and trust in you and your service.

Call us today to find out more about the benefits of using a virtual office to help grow your business and improve your professional image; perception is reality and reality is customer satisfaction. Also check out what our current clients are saying about how their professional lives changed and improved since making the decision to work from one of our spaces.