Is Coworking a Good Fit for You? | Office Evolution

If you have been following workplace trends in recent years, you have likely heard of coworking—but do you know exactly what it is? Coworking is essentially a shared office space, where individuals pay for desk space and the perks of working in an office, without the sense of obligation to be there for 40 hours a week. As you can imagine, for most people, this is an ideal setup!

While coworking is not for everyone, after growing over 1,000% in the past decade, it is clear that a coworking setup is one that benefits many people. If you want to learn more about coworking and whether it might be beneficial for you, we have listed out some questions below to help you determine if it is the right choice.

Questions to Ask Yourself if You Have Been Considering Coworking

Do I work better in a dedicated environment? Many people love the flexibility that working from home offers, but even if you prefer a more relaxed working environment, being in your home all day may not be the ideal setup for you to reach top productivity. If you prefer to have a dedicated office space out of your house, or you like working from home but want the option to go to a workspace at times, then a coworking space may be for you.

Do I like having autonomy over my workday? Coworking is all about autonomy. While workers will pay for the space if they would like to use it, how they use it (and how often) is generally up to them. For example, at Office Evolution, we have a variety of work areas that are accessible to our members to use as they need throughout the day. Additionally, if you are the type of person that does not like to conform to the 9 to 5, knowing your coworking space is there when you want it but carries no obligation can be a great option.

Do I want to join a community? For many people who are entrepreneurs, freelancers or otherwise work in a way that may feel isolated, lacking a sense of community can be a major problem. Joining a coworking space is a great way to join a community—not only are you likely to make worthwhile networking connections with those in similar jobs to you, but you are also likely to encounter many different kinds of people working in a variety of roles.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of coworking, we would love to chat! Contact us today for more information.