Keith and Rhonda Kometer – New Franchisees in Madison, WI

Please join us in welcoming our newest franchisees Keith and Rhonda Kometer in Madison, Wisconsin. They are so excited to begin their new journey with us and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

Here’s a little bit about them:

Keith and Rhonda have wanted to move to Madison and open up their own business for a very long time. They have two daughters and two dogs, both in college (the daughters, of course).

The two of them bring a combined 25 years of experience from a variety of vastly different career paths – their individual skill sets complement one another very nicely.

So why Wisconsin?

After years of conscious discussion, they knew that Wisconsin was the place for them to be. In their own words, “It is a city full of dreamers, risk-takers and doers that we can’t wait to connect with.” They’re so excited to become a part of the team and bring a whole new dynamic to the Ohana. As passionate supporters of the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!), they can’t imagine any other place to begin this new and exciting journey.

Looking forward…

They’re so excited to work together in building a business, while meeting new people and making long-lasting connections in the community. They fell in love with the kind, genuine, open and supportive individuals they’ve met at the corporate office and other franchises. With the love and support of the Ohana, they are confident the future will be bright and exciting. And we are confident they will fit right in.

“Taking a leap of faith like this can be quite unnerving, but we know that our Ohana is with us every step of the way; that gives us confidence and energizes us for the journey ahead.” – Keith & Rhonda Kometer.

Look forward to their new location in Madison coming soon! Or look for an Office Evolution location in your area.

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