Coworking Spaces & Virtual Assistance Go Hand in Hand. Let Us Help You Find A VA!

If you have ever thought that a second set of hands would sure help you in your business, but that you couldn’t afford to hire an employee, have you thought of a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Virtual Assistants are becoming more and more popular with small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and more, reaping the rewards of partnering up! VA’s are the wave of the future. No more overhead to provide employees with office space, insurance, paid days off, etc. VA’s are paid by the hour for the work they do. Not for the time they spend in the office, which we all know is not 100% spent on “work”.

If you love the idea of a good coworking space (obviously you do, since you are officing at, or considering an office here at Office Evolution), then you will probably get it. Coworking spaces are such a great environment to work in and are trending into the future. So is hiring Virtual Assistants! Smart business people understand their value and how fiscally responsible it is to hire them.

When you get to the point of considering a VA, where do you find one? Look no further. Tandem Resource Solutions is Office Evolution Littleton’s preferred partner for virtual services. We are a minority and woman-owned VA Agency headquartered right here in the Denver metro area. Be sure to check out our website to see the many, many things a VA can do for you. You will be pleasantly surprised that they are not “just a secretary” anymore (although, they are GREAT at traditional administrative duties too)! They are tech guru’s, marketers, project managers and SO MUCH MORE!

Click here to access our website. Please contact Bonnie via email at for more information or to schedule a discovery call, lunch or coffee meeting. She’ll be happy to meet you at your Office Evolution office of course! There are no long term contracts at TRS, and all pricing is customizable for your needs and to fit your budget.

Written by: Chris Scott

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