Member Spotlight: Anthony Dudley and Rahbosha Hubbard of Clayton, MO

The Spotlight’s on Anthony Dudley and Rahbosha Hubbard of MercyOne Home Health Care of OE, Clayton, MO. 

Are you a dreamer, risk-taker or doer?

St. Louis, Missouri is home to our family. We love it here because there’s a ton of unseen opportunity for growth. St. Louis is a diamond in the rough for certain. We think in order to achieve success you must do all three: dream, plan and act.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we would enjoy hearing about your business. 

MercyOne was founded in 2018 by Anthony Dudley and his mother, Rahbosha Hubbard. Anthony is a Lindenwood Alumni with his BA in Business Administration, while Rahbosha worked in the home health care field for almost 10 years as an independent contractor. As a contractor, she discovered ways she could better improve and implement services into her own practice. With Anthony’s business acumen and Rahbosha’a experience they were able to collaborate to create MercyOne Home Health Care.

Many of our readers may be able to use your service. Can you describe your ideal client? 

Our ideal client(s) are seniors and elderly looking to maintain their independence and dignity while continuing to live in the comfort of their own homes.

Tell us your top tips for success.

I think it can be summed up in four words: good habits, communication, punctuality, and execution.

How has Office Evolution helped your business?

OE has assisted us in acting upon our plans to run a successful company. The hospitality is amazing, and we love the professionalism of the owners. The location is great, and the environment is conducive to what we are here to achieve.

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