Member Spotlight: Jim Cundiff of Transitioning IT Solutions LLC in OE Roswell, GA

The Spotlight’s on OE member Jim Cundiff of Transitioning IT Solutions LLC, OE Roswell, GA

Are you a dreamer, risk-taker, or doer?

I am a risk-taking doer! I love numbers—I look at opportunities and challenges by focusing on both the upside and downside numbers without ever forgetting to consider the non-quantifiable impact.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we would love to hear about your business.

Transitioning IT Solutions LLC helps our clients and partners save time and money by providing reliable and professional corporate workspace relocation, configuration, installation, refresh and de-installation solutions for information technology dependent work environments. Since opening our doors a little over two years ago, we have “touched” over 7,000 individual workspaces during relocation projects and installed and configured IT hardware in over 5,000 workspaces.

Who is your ideal customer?

Our best customers are businesses or organizations needing to equip new workspaces quickly and accurately and/or relocate employees into new workspaces. Our clients rely on us to manage their largest, most complex workspace relocation projects—freeing up their facilities, engineering, human resources and info tech teams to address more critical relocation issues.

What are your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

From my over thirty-five years of experience in sales and sales management and the last two years as CEO of Transitioning IT Solutions, the advice I can share is twofold:

First, never “sell” to your clients. Instead, always be “consulting” with clients. By showing you have a good understanding of their problems and can provide valuable advice to help them solve those problems, you will always win the sale. If you do this and loose a deal, you probably wouldn’t have wanted that prospect as a client.

Second, if your business structure is solid and you always focus on going above and beyond your client’s expectations, you’ll “grow” clients for life—not just one-time deals.

We always have a specific target goal that meshes with our longer-term visions. 

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