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| March 28, 2022

How to Budget for Office Space

Budgeting for office space can be tricky, especially if you think your space needs might change in the coming months or...

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| March 02, 2022

Benefits of a Day Office Rental

Changes are taking place in the way we work. The idea of commutes and in-person meetings had been on the wane long...

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| February 10, 2022

How Coworking Impacts Your Taxes

Coworking spaces offer a growing number of benefits to freelancers, from professional image building to higher...

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| February 07, 2022

Get Well – Get Out – Get Going

As a result of the Great Covid Pandemic, a number of ailments have leading scientists, medical practitioners and...

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| January 19, 2022

How a Flexible Workspace Can Help People Get Ahead | Office Evolution

It seems like it is a headline we see over and over lately: “The future of work is changing.” Over the past few years,...

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| November 23, 2021

Ramos Law Difference Makers Podcast Features Diane Mapes Owner of Office Evolution Metro North Northglenn

Diane Mapes joined Dr. Jim Joven on the Ramos Law Difference Makers Podcast  to talk about "The Work Ohana",...

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