Modrn Business Podcast Talks with CEO Mark Hemmeter

Modrn Business featured Office Evolution Founder and CEO Mark Hemmeter in a podcast last month. The focus: The differentiators that have made Office Evolution successful despite the uncertain business climate.

Modrn Business Podcast - Video Image

Clients who are small business owners, locations in the suburban settings where people live, and office layouts comprised largely of small, private offices instead of the open concept spaces so trendy in other areas are all features that set Office Evolution apart, said Hemmeter.

“In fact, during the worst of 2020, 87 percent of our members continued to pay us each month. That shows the resilience of small business owners and is a tribute to their survival instincts,” he added.

The Year’s Paradigm Shift

As owners of large corporate buildings lost renters this past year and decided to get into flex space, “we’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with landlords trying to adapt our model,” said Hemmeter. “These landlords are becoming franchisees, and it’s profitable for them and for Office Evolution.”

Because billing, telephone services and other back office jobs are done centrally, a new, more robust tech platform is being installed this year for use in all 75 Office Evolution locations.

The movement towards flexibility has been happening for years, but accelerated during the pandemic, said Hemmeter. Even when it’s over, people will still want professional office space. But there’s a difference. “In the past, you were told how to work. Now, we ask how you would like to work, and we support that. At Office Evolution, we are primed to figure it out along with everyone else.”