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New Year’s Resolutions: Part Two

As promised last week, here is the second part of my New Year’s Resolutions article.  Two weeks ago, I reached out to my network and asked people if they made resolutions and if would they mind sharing them with me so I could publish them in a blog – and here it is!  I know a lot of very smart, inspiring, and successful people, and wanted to benefit from their wisdom as we enter a new year.  I received so many good responses that I had to publish this in two parts, with Dr. Fred Dietzel of Evoke Spinal Care providing such good advice in part one. 

Without further ado, here’s part 2 – full of wisdom from local businesspeople!

Amy Vincze, MFT, Tapping with Amy 

Amy is a gifted therapist who teaches clients how to use tapping, a form of energy work, to heal themselves. Currently working with clients over Zoom, her goal for 2021 is to develop instructional videos to show people how to establish their own tapping sessions. 

Barb Gotz, Empty Nest Baking

Barb makes amazing cookies that look like works of art for all types of occasions and business gifts. Her business has really taken off this year so her 2021 goal is to take an hour of “me time” every morning!

Chantal Rees, Rees, and Rees Insurance

Chantal is a well-regarded insurance agent who goes the extra mile for all of her clients. She also does speaking engagements, sits on the board of the Walnut Creek Chamber and supports her community in many different ways. Her goal for 2021 is to show more appreciation!

Doyle Rich, Personal Trainer and owner of FitFanatics

Doyle is an energetic, positive fitness trainer who helps his clients achieve their highest goals. The last year has been difficult on his industry but he is more determined than ever to help people achieve their 2021 goals for better health and fitness.  For 2021, he will be reading books on how to raise a toddler and welcome suggestions!

Julie Chroust, Bay Equity Home Loans

Julie makes the mortgage process seem simple—her many glowing reviews are a testament to her hard work on behalf of all of her clients. For 2021, she will focus on launching the book she wrote last year before the pandemic slowed the process down.

Laura Cartwright, Owner of Back2Perfect Wellness Studio

A gifted healer herself, Laura has gathered talented healers at her studio who use different techniques to heal the body. It has been a rough year for her industry but she is now open and can assure her clients of the safety of her clinic. Her goal for 2021 is to stay open and give back to all the people who helped her during this horrible time.

Michael Velzo, Jackson Square Financial

Among other things, Michael provides excellent service in setting up a company’s 401K plans. He has been emphasizing working within the non-profit sector to make sure they have the best and most economical plan. In 2021, Michael plans to run the Double Dips race, an arduous trail run in Marin County.

Vanessa Sisemore, Owner, Farmer’s Insurance Agency

Vanessa is an engaging, hard-working insurance agent who says she shows her clients the difference between having insurance and being insured. Her clients love that she is hands-on and available for any question or problem.  In 2021, Vanessa wants to continue her morning personal time and build her team.

Callie Lopshire-Bratt, Business Center Manager, Office Evolution Walnut Creek

Callie runs the Walnut Creek center and makes it look easy! Her members really appreciate her genuine concern and care as they grow their businesses.  In 2021, her goals are to continue to grow the Walnut Creek Ohana – and to get better at frisbee golf!

As for me, I have learned a lot this past year about how to handle adversity, along with the rest of the world. I am definitely grateful for all the many blessings I have and plan to use the lessons of 2020 to create a better 2021!

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